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Tattoo News - October 2007


Long-time surf advocate/activist John Kelly Jr.passed away Oct 3rd at age 88. Kelly had founded the organization Save Our Surf. Recently, a sizable collection of surf material from the group was digitized and is now online at

Have you ever tried kava? Or been curious to try it? While working on a CA client who's well-travelled in the Pacific, the topic came up. You've probably all heard it it, or read about it, so give it a try! This last weekend at the Kava Festival I met some great people who sell quality powered kava from Fiji online. See

There are a lot of online boutiques that sell Hawaiiana. Among my favorites is Check out their book selection. Or if you are seriously interested in books, see For cute kitsch and collectables, go to For high quality hula implements and supplies, see

My friend Marsha Aguon's photographic site is up and running. Marsha does beautiful photography. The black and white images in my book, Tattoo Traditions of Hawai'i are her work.


Here's the dates of my upcoming tattoo trips. In between I will be at home on O'ahu, although keep in mind, it takes me 3 days to pack the equipment.

Nov. 3rd - 12th: Tahiti
Nov 24th - Dec 9th San Francisco Bay Area
Jan 5th - 14th: Hana, Maui
*Feb 11th - 24th: San Francisco Bay Area
*Mar 1st - 12th: Los Angeles
*Mar 15th - 23rd: Oceanside
*Note: These dates may vary slightly, pending the final number of sign-ups in each city.

If you are serious about an appointment during the next SF trip, please call me at home (808) 734-8677. The deadline for deposits is Oct. 20th, as I hope to get all the design work & scheduling done (or close to it) before I depart for Tahiti. I am also actively taking sign-ups for the southern CA trip in Feb/March. There are already a fair number of folks on the list, so don't put off signing up! For details, see


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