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Tattoo News - November 2007


A new book, The Tattooing Arts of Tribal Women by Lars Krutak is available for purchase online at If you are buying via PayPal, put the word "Shaolin" in the message box & Lars will sign your copy.


Some spectacular Maori arts are available online at Spend some time with the various links. There are some very nice, affordable things!

If you're looking for Marquesan tattoo sites, see Beware! There are some pretty explicit pop-ups! Don't let your kids open this site. It is a very well done, and is fun to navigate,but the motif identification (which comes from Karl von den Steinen) is questionable, in some cases. Von den Steinen did not understand the use of double vowels and glottal stops in Polynesian languages-- for example in Hawaiian, pua means flower, whereas pua'a means pig!

Anyway, be skeptical of the motif meanings given. A great website full of interesting info on Hawai'i is Take a look, especially if you are planning a Hawai'i trip.


Here's the dates of my upcoming tattoo trips. In between I will be at home on O'ahu, although keep in mind, it takes me 3 days to pack the equipment.

Nov. 3rd - 12th: Tahiti
Nov 24th - Dec 9th San Francisco Bay Area
Jan 5th - 14th: Hana, Maui
*Feb 11th - 24th: San Francisco Bay Area
*Mar 1st - 12th: Los Angeles
*Mar 15th - 23rd: Oceanside
*Note: These dates may vary only slightly, pending the final number of sign-ups in each city.

My schedule for this next SF trip is fairly full, however, there is always a chance of something coming avail. due to cancellations. If you are interested, please call me at home (808) 734-8677--I'll be avail. there by phone from Nov 11th - 20th only. After Nov 21st, call my CA number, (510) 802-2155.

I am also actively taking sign-ups for the southern CA trip in Feb/March. There are already a fair number of folks on the list, so don't put off signing up! For details, see


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