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Tattoo News - July/August 2006


A video of the Rapanui musical performance group Matatoa is at There appear to be other Rapanui videos & music here as well.

My dear friend Gotz on Moorea has a great site with his tatau inspired art. See His other links are also interesting.

A brief article on the repatriation of several preserved Maori heads is at

An excellent exhibition of African masks is online at There is a huge selection of masks for sale at Also Some newer (tourist?) pieces are at It's an interesting comparison. Want a cheap mask? check out Ok, my area IS Oceania... to get back on track, a lot of quality Pacific art is at The field photographs are great!

A good collection of old postcards and ethnographic images from the Pacific is at

An extremely extensive list of links on Pacific arts is at It is worth checking out! Lists specifically on Polynesian art are listed at

If you are interested in the culture & history of Hawai'i, particularly the island of Hawai'i, there is a extremely well researched book online at The section on the fall of the kapu system is particularly interesting.

I get a lot of inquiries from people wanting to become tattoo artists. I do take on apprentices, but only if they have extensive background knowledge of Polynesian art & culture. If that does not describe you, check out


It appears that the Tahiti Tattoo Festival, Tattoonesia, will happen again this year. The dates are November 9 - 12. It's announced on several websites-- do a search on Google under Tattoonesia 2006. I think I'm going t pass on this year's event. I can't take the heat.


"La Vasa: Sea Change," at the Center Gallery in San Francisco, is an exhibition by Samoan artists Shigeyuki Kihara, of Aotearoa New Zealand, and Dan Taulapapa
McMullin, of California. The exhibition of conceptual art, performance, photography, and paintings will run until August 1st. For more information, see


The following dates are tentative and may vary. but only slightly:

August 31 - Sept. 17th Los Angeles area
Sep. 20th - Oct. 1st Oceanside
Oct. 7th - 15th San Francisco area

The published deadline for deposits this next CA trip is August 1st, but there are already a large number signed up in LA (I can accept about 4 more). Both San Francisco, & Oceanside are filling more slowly, but don't snooze! Call me at home on O'ahu if you have any questions: 808 734-8677. I far prefer the phone for initial inquiries as I talk far faster than I type, but if you prefer e-mail, it's Details on signing up are on my website at:


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