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Tattoo News - April/May 2007


As some of you might know, this last weekend was the Merrie Monarch Hula Competition in Hilo (see A friend just made we aware that there is a fair amount of hula on You Tube. Hula kahiko (ancient hula) can be sampled at, and To see some fantastic auana (modern) hula, check out See in addition to great dance & innovative choreography, the music is fantastic!

A sampling of Tahitian dance is at

You can see Maori haka at with a lot of paint-on tattoos.

Black Grace, a FANTASTIC Polynesian men's dance group based in NZ has a excellent video at Watch it, above all the others! But watch it all the way through. WOW!

Matatoa from Rapanui (Easter Island) have a fun video at with some nice video footage of the island. The Tahitian group, Manahune, is online at

A good website on Hawaiian music is at For mail ordering Hawaiian CD's, see
If you are a Keali'i Reichel fan, check out

If you are Hawaiian on the mainland (or anywhere else!) you might enjoy the broadcasts at

If you truly want news on Hawaiian affairs, Ka Wai Ola, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs newspaper is online at The radio program, Na Oiwi Olino (people seeking wisdom) can be heard online at


until May 22nd home in Honolulu
May 26th - June 3rd Los Angeles
June 6th - 17th Oceanside
June 23rd - July 1st San Francisco area

If you are interested in an appointment during this next trip, contact me at home, (808) 734-8677. I far prefer the phone for initial inquires, as I talk far faster than I type, but if you must e-mail, it's . Details on signing up and the deposit are on my website at

Contact me soon if you are serious, so that we have some time to correspond on your design.


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