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Tattoo News - December 2004


Currently there is an exhibition at the Mission Houses Museum, Body Language-- Adornment & Identity in the Pacific. It includes traditional tattoo from Micronesia, Hawai'i and the Marquesas. The exhibit will run from Nov 5th through Feb 5th daily except Mondays. Call 808 531-0481 for more info. or see the following link for a listing of performances & lectures on various forms of body art & tattoo.


Here is a great website that catalogues petroglyphs from Rapa Nui (Easter Island). Melinka Hucke did this as a school project and it is great! See And, for all you Rapanuiphiles out there, Shawn McLaughlin's "Complete Guide to Easter Island" is now available from the Easter Island Foundation. You can read about it on Amazon but it's best to order it from the EIF (check it out at under Publications). Also look here for Klarr's book on Hula & Body Ornamentation.

An interesting site on contemporary Tahitian tattoo is at Please take the "Tattoo Meanings" section with a grain of salt as all these are very modern designs. Meaning today is assigned by the individual, which is fine, but should not be mistaken for traditional meaning.

A series of Hawaiian legends are a new feature of the Star Bulletin, Check out Bulletin

A fantastic new Hawaiian language source is online. Hawaiian newspapers, dictionaries & numerous souces (in English as well!) are at It's summarized in a recent Honolulu Advertiser

until Nov 25th: home in Honolulu
Nov 27th - Dec 4th: LA area-- Island Legends
Dec 7th - Dec 12th: London
Dec 14th - mid Feb: home in Honolulu

If you are interested in an appointment and you are in the LA area, feel free to stop by Island Legends anytime during store hours. The shop is on the NW corner of Artesia Blvd & Normandie in Gardena. I do not e-mail while in CA, but can be reached at (510) 802-2155.

My next trip to both northern & southern Cal. will be mid-Feb. through late March. Please sign up no later than Feb. 1st, although mid-Jan is highly preferable. The sooner you sign up, the longer we have to correspond on your design. Feel free to phone me at home anytime after Dec 14th: (808) 734-8677 or e-mail me at during my dates at home.


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