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Tattoo News - December 2005

Some of you may know, I just returned from the Society Islands, where Tattoonesia, a tattoo festival took place.on Moorea. I had promised I'd write something up in this issue, but I am hopelessly behind on computer work, particularly writing. I have two publications due in January and am at the computer 16 hours a day as is. So maybe I'll write something up on the festival for a future issue. In the meantime, here's some info. on new tattoo


Some fun, screened tattoo sleeves are available online at

An impressive tattoo magazine called Needled is online at Search the various links, particularly the HISTORY link. There's some good stuff here!

A good, brief overview of Rapa Nui tattoos by Lars Krutak is online at
There are other photographic images of tattooed Rapanui people, notably, Veriamo, Juan Tepano's mother. If you are visiting the island, make sure to visit the museum, where
there are great historical photos on display. You should also visit Ahu Akivi, the tattooist's ahu. Josefina Nahoe Mulloy and Ramon Edmunds, the owners of Haumaka Tours (see can take you there, as well as tell you the legend of Haumaka, Hotu Matua's tattooist. If you want to get tattooed on the island, see Tito, who will be glad to ink you with a traditional design.


No, mine isn't out yet, but should be in March or so. In the meantime, here's a good listing of others, including a number of new publications.

The Easter Island Foundation's website is An annual membership includes a subscription to the Rapa Nui Journal, the best source for news & research about the island. Also check out the other publications links-- there are good books available on topics such as Hula and Body Ornamentation and Hawaiian petroglyphs.

If you are truly interested in Rapa Nui, there are numerous copies of Alfred Metraux's books available inexpensively at then search by author. It has a good section on traditional tattoo. By the way, this is the best source I've found for used & out of print books.

There is a new book on Rapa Nui tattoo by local anthropologist, Ana Maria Arredondo titled Takona Tatu. If I can figure out where it can be purchased, I'll provide details in the next newsletter. If anyone knows, please inform me!

Several new books on Polynesian tattoo are available in Tahiti. Gotz has a beautiful new book that's an overview of the history of tattoo throughout Polynesia, in addition there's a lengthy section on the revival today in Tahiti. Unfortunately it's not readily available in the U.S. I'll be bringing a copy on my next CA trip, so stop by any of the CA locations during my stay & have a look.

The first of two translations (into French) of Karl von den Steinen's German book on Marquesan tattoo is available now, but only in Tahiti!. A good excuse for a vacation!

Makiko Kuwahara's doctoral dissertation on the Tahitian tattoo revival is available on Amazon-- see then search by author. She provides an interesting look at sociological aspects of tattoo culture today. You will not find motifs and meanings here, however.

Amazon also has Nicholas Thomas' new volume, Tattoo: Bodies, Art, and Exchange in the Pacific and the West. Herein is Anne D'Alleva's paper on Tahitian tattoo during the missionary period with some previously unpublished illustrations of old Tahitian tattoo.

Also look for The World of Tattoo by Maarten Hesselt van Dinter. It is expensive ($50. on Amazon), but worth owning for the Pacific bibliographic references, if nothing else. It is also available on There are also several affordable copies of The Tattoo History Source Book by Steve Gilbert listed on Abebooks.

Happy Reading!


The following dates are tentative. I will be purchasing airfare and confirming my dates by Dec. 15th. Please check my website at that time for confirmed dates. If you are signed up for a session this trip I'll be contacting you in mid-December for scheduling.

November 23 - mid-January: home on O'ahu
January 19 - 29: LA area
January 31 - February 5: Oceanside
February 10 - 16: Livermore (east San Francisco bay area)
February 18 - 21: Aloha Warehouse, San Francisco
March: home on O'ahu

If you are not signed up yet but would like an appointment, here's an update on the CA situation: there are a LOT of sign-ups! If you are serious, DON'T SNOOZE! Sign up soon! Priority in scheduling is given according to the date your deposit is received, and there are nearly 60 deposits in already for this next trip.. Instructions on signing up are online at Or better yet, CALL ME at (808) 734-8677. This is a HI number, so please call between 11:00 am and midnight CA time. My e-mail is, although I far prefer the phone for tattoo inquiries, as I talk far faster than I type.

Aloha and Happy Holidays!

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