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Tattoo News - August 2005


An excellent book on Easter Island is online at It is a complete translation of "Easter Island and Its Mysteries," published in Paris in 1935 by Dr. Stéphen-Chauvet, translated by Ann M. Altman and edited by Shawn McLaughlin, with reproductions of the original illustrations, The CD is also available with high resolution images for just $20. Check it out! There is a section on Rapanui tattoo.

A good bibliography of Polynesian tattoo books is at Most of these books are in-print & should be available from online sellers. Try

I'm interviewed in an article on Polynesian Tattoo from Pain Magazine online at The article is not bad despite the misspellings & typographical errors. All the photos are contemporary & not to be mistaken for
traditional designs.

A website with a number of Marquesan motifs from Karl von den Steinen's 1896 work is at Get out your German dictionary! I've been told of a first edition of von den Steinen's volume on Marquesan tattoo for sale (price: $1000. neg.) If you are seriously
interested, send me an e-mail & I'll put you in contact with the seller.

In researching the history of Chinatown, I ran across an interesting article on the history of prostitution in Honolulu. I had no idea it was once legal & so organized! See for an interesting read.

I'm repeating this announcement as I am still getting 5+ requests daily: I do not do design work unless I am doing the actual tattoo but Michael Lothian, an artist in Australia does via e-mail for a reasonable fee. You can see some of his work at: Just keep clicking on the images.


My dates for the next trip are tentative as I have yet to purchase tickets, but it will be something like the following:

Sept. 14 - 20 Aloha Warehouse in San Francisco
Sept. 23 - Oct. 2 Momilani's Island Traditions in Oceanside
Oct. 4 - 11 Island Legends in Gardena (LA area)

As soon as these dates are confirmed, I'll be posting it on the website.

The deadline to sign up for appointments is August 10th. As always, priority in scheduling is given according to the dates of deposits. Late sign ups are taken on a space-available basis. I am currently home on Oahu to answer questions at 808 734-8677, or e-mail It might also help to check out my website at


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