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Tattoo News - December 2003


The 3rd Annual Hawaiian Christmas Concert with Makaha Sons and Raiatea Helm, 2003 Na Hoku Hanohano Female Vocalist of the Year with local halau The Jean Kalani Dancers, The Pualani Dancers and Halau o Na Ali'i. Saturday, December 6, 2003, 8pm at Shiley Theatre, 5998 Alcala Park at The University of San Diego. Tickets are available at or call 619-426-1953
or email


Some traditional Maori patterns are at Please remember true Maori patterns are ancestoral & are NOT to be worn by
others. Use these for design inspiration only. There are some contemporary patterns that are OK for non-Maori to wear... a sampling of these is at Please do change them-- make them your own.

The Auckland Museum has some excellent educational packets to download online. If you work with school kids, this is a fantasic resource. There's one on Polynesian prehistory and lifestyle at There is also an excellent one on Maori Kowhaiwhai. Look for the various other links.

There is a very good paper by John Terrell (Field Museum of Chicago) on theoretical problems in Polynesian prehistory at this will make you question everything you thought you knew to be true about Polynesian settlement! If you enjoyed this, take a look at
To further confuse you, there's an essay on deceptions in theories of settlement & Lapita origins at

Learn even more about the Pacific! The outlines & several lectures from a course titled Peoples & Cultures of the Pacific from Auckland is online at

The Metropolitan Museum is online at There are some good virtual exhibitions here, and their online store is great!

If you are interested in traditional African arts, check out There is also a Body Art Exhibition online which deserves a look - at


Nov. 28th - Dec. 14th Livermore/east SF bay area
Dec. 17th - mid-Jan. home in Honolulu

If you are interested in an appointment during this Nov/Dec trip, call me on my CA voicemail (510) 802-2155 SOON! Details on signing up and the deposit are on my website at There are only a few appointments open, so contact me ASAP if you are serious.

If you are in the LA/San Diego area, my next trip there will be late Feb or early March. I will be taking sign ups & available for consultations after Dec 18th. Please call me at home (808) 734-8677 after Dec 18th for S. CA appointments.



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