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Tattoo News - January 2004


If you are interested in traditional Filipino tattoos & culture, see The founder of the group, Elle, is available to design your tattoo-- he'll work with you on what might be culturally appropriate and draw it on your skin, then I simply tattoo over it. If you are in the LA area and interested, see the sign up procedures on the link from my website (below), or e-mail Elle directly.

More on Filipino culture & history (particularly Pampanga history) is at

A good website on Tahitian tattoo, with an excellent list of tattooists working today is at If you are visiting Tahiti & looking for a tattooist, check it out! Take a look at the ORIGINS link in a few weeks. I'm writing a brief update focusing on the distinction between Marquesan &
Tahitian tattoo traditions.

Check out if you are interested in Fiji. There are some great old postcards (see with excellent accompanying text and ethnohistoric images as well as excerpts from Williams and other early ethnographers.

A good website on Hawaiian music is at For mail ordering Hawaiian CD's, see and If you are a Keali'i Reichel fan, check out His newest CD is GREAT!

A web encyclopedia on all things Oceanic is at My computer had a hard time with the English version, but perhaps you'll fare better than I.

One of the most amusing forms of body art I've seen is a new calander and book sumarized at You too can decorate your cat! Why stop at human skin!


(this schedule is still tentative, keep an eye on my website for updates)

until mid-Feb. home in Honolulu
Feb. 26th - Mar. 7th Los Angeles
Mar. 9th - 14th Oceanside
March 17th - 28th San Francisco area

If you are interested in an appointment during this Feb/Mar trip, contact me at home, (808) 734-8677, or by e-mail Details on signing up and the deposit are on my website at

Contact me soon if you are serious, so that we have some time to correspond on your design.


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