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Tattoo News - February 2004


We're getting more & more inquiries about the Rock's tattoo, which is largely contemporary Tahitian, not traditional Samoan. For some good websites on traditional (and some contemporary) Samoan tattoos, see

Skin Stories, the PBS documentary, is also online & has a section on Samoan tattoo. See

There is a fairly good site on Marquesan tattoo at

Here's a website that has a good collection of old ethnographic postcards and photographs. Check the New Zealand section for tattoo images. Another archive of old images is at

There's a nice gallery of Oceanic, African & Asian art online at If you are in Amsterdam, stop by!

If you saw & enjoyed the movie Whalerider and want to know more about New Zealand, check out these websites: and

The Milan Tattoo Convention is coming up in early Feb. If you are in Italy, make sure to check it out! Say hi to Jacqueline & Rob from XXX in Switzerland, and the Tahitian & Maori crew! Miki Vialetto's most recent project is also online here, see for some great tattoo-inspired art.


Feb. 26th - Mar. 7th Los Angeles
Mar. 9th - 14th Oceanside
March 18th - 28th San Francisco area

If you are interested in an appointment during this Feb/Mar trip, contact me at home, (808) 734-8677 SOON! Or you can e-mail me at until Feb 24th. I do not e-mail while in CA. For more details on signing up, please see my website at

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