Tattoo Traditions of Polynesia
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Tattoo News - March 2004


Sorry! There aren't many links this time... I'm too busy drawing for my CA clients!

For an archive of interesting artiicles on Hawaiian history & culture, see

An extensive listing of various Hawaiian theme links is at

The Polynesian Voyaging Society now has their website at: A very educational site about the Pacific is


Feb. 26th - Mar. 7th Los Angeles
Mar. 9th - 14th Oceanside
March 18th - 28th San Francisco area
April 1st - 7th home on O'ahu
April 8th through 11th Maui Celebration of the Arts
April 12th - 30th O'ahu
April 28th -May 16th San Francisco area (tentative trip dates)
May 20th - 30th Los Angeles (tentative trip dates)

If you are interested in an appointment during this Feb/Mar trip, the schedule is fairly full. There is a slim chance I can get you in pending what you want & how long it might take. If you are serious about an appointment, I'd suggest we meet while I'm in CA this time for a consultation, and if I can't get you on the schedule this trip, we can sign you up for the May trip. I do not e-mail while in CA. You can reach me on my CA voice mail (510) 802-2155 or check. It might also help to check out my website at

Tricia Allen

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