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Tattoo News - January 2005

Happy New year to you all! Let's see if my new years resolution of sending 12 issues on a timely basis is feasible. Hopefully so. At least I'm off to a good


Canadian prison authorities are considering offering professional tattoo instruction to inmates to reduce the spread of Hepatitis and HIV. See

National Geographic magazine online has a feature on tattoo history. The text seems to have been taken almost verbatim from the Ancient Mysteries episode on tattoo.... hmmm. THAT'S an easy way to write articles! I guess I should be pleased that National Geo if finally looking at tattoo. Anyway,check out If you haven't seen the Ancient Mysteries video, it's still the best documentary I've seen on tattoo and is available from A&E for $19.95 + shipping by calling 1 888-423-1212. It is item number AH12379.

The Body Adornment exhibition at Mission Houses Museum was recently reviewed by The Honolulu Advertiser. See There are several upcoming lectures & panel discussions scheduled this month in conjunction with the exhibition (see below).


Check out Jacqueline's work at XXX Tattoo in Switzerland. She does some fantastic Polynesian style work. See for some good design inspiration.


In conjunction with the Mission Houses Museum (listed above) there is a series of lectures/seminars on Polynesian tattoo. I'm speaking on Marquesan tattoo on
Thurs. Jan. 20th at 7:00 pm, and the exhibition is open beforehand, so come early & see the exhibit! On Sat. Jan. 22nd Keoni Nunez is leading a panel descussion at 2:00 pm on Hawaiian tattoo. The lectures are free with a $6.
museum entrance fee. Call 531-0481 for more details.


until Feb 15th home on O'ahu
Feb 18 - 27th Island Legends, Gardena (LA Area
Mar 2nd - 6th Momilani's Island Traditions, Oceanside
Mar 11th - 20th east SF Bay Area
Mar 23rd - early May home on Oahu

If you are interested in an appointment during this upcoming trip, please sign up by Feb. 1st at the latest. I am available at home on Oahu to answer questions at 808 734-8677, or e-mail . It might also help to check out my website at


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