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Tattoo News - February 2005


Why are there an abundance of excellent Polynesian style tattooists in Europe? I have no idea. Anyway there is some great, innovative neo-Maori work at

There are several good links to various Pacific body art and tattoo sites at

Check out this site AND follow the various links if you are curious about Filipino tattoo and it's history:


until Feb 16th home on O'ahu
Feb 18 - 27th Island Legends, Gardena (LA Area)
Mar 2nd - 6th Momilani's Island Traditions, Oceanside
Mar 11th - 20th east SF Bay Area
Mar 23rd - early May in Hawai'i

My California schedule is nearly full. There is always a chance of more openings coming available due to cancelations. If you are interested, call me ASAP. I am available at home on Oahu until Feb. 16th to answer questions at 808-734-8677, or e-mail . After Feb 16th, please use my CA voice mail & pager number: (510) 802-2155. I do not e-mail while in California! It might also help to check out my website at


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