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Tattoo News - March 2003


The current issue (Mar/Apr) issue of Hawaii Magazine has an article on Hawaiian tattoos which is worth checking out. I found copies in both Borders and Barnes & Noble on the west coast. It should be readily available if you look soon!


Our friend Ulu has been on Rapa Nui once again & has done a great website documentling her experiences. The photo archive is fun, see the HAKA PEI link if you'd like to read of Rapa Nui X-Sports. See

A good art index is online at Included here is
a listing of links to various tattoo websites. In addition, there's a good article on motivations for getting a tattoo-- I get really sick of hearing that
all people get tattooed to make a statement, gain acceptance or show rebellion. This article shows a more realistic view, from my experiences. Someday I'll
create a survey & get real numbers. Any volunteers out there interesting in helping complile statistics? It'd be a great thesis topic. Anyway, this article is worth at least a skim read.

I'm often asked what the best airfares from California to Hawaii are. Hawaiian airlines is offering RT fare ranging from $329. to $399. See

A recent ancient Hawaiian version of a graduation ceremony called 'uniki just took place on O'ahu. Kumu Keola Lake facilitated the event for several of his recent graduates who have reched kahuna (expert) status. Congratulations!! Read about it at


Perhaps the best annual event in the state is the Maui Celebration of the Arts at the Ritz-Carlton at Kapalua. The schedule for this year is at Note the tattoo seminar.


On May 10th I will have a booth at the May Day Celebration at the Pleasanton County Fairgrounds. Sorry, I tried for hours to find them listed on one of the events pages, or to find a webpage, with no luck. Just come by! I did find a good listing of Bay Area Hawaiian events, see or in S. CA see the Alohaworld calander.

One of my favorite mainland Hawaiian events is the Aloha Expo at Sante Fe Springs (just north of the 91 Freeway off the I-605 in LA) Sat & Sun May 17th & 18th . It's in a beautiful park with lots of parking, shade, good vendors &
entertainment. I'll be set up with Karrie Okamoto-Kozai-- Look for her framed paintings or my banner. For details:


Currently I am in Honolulu via both phone & e-mail (until April 16th). If you are interested in an appointment, CALL SOON! You can reach me at (808) 734-8677, but please keep in mind that we are 2 hours earlier than the west coast. For details on how to sign up for an appointment, see or stop by any of the California locations listed on the website to sign up in person & see samples of my work.

My schedule:
Home - March 20th through April 16th
Maui April 17th - 20th
Home April 21st - 28th
San Francisco Bay Area May 1st - May 12th
Los Angeles - May 16th - 26th
N. San Diego County - May 28th - June 1st

The suggested deadline to sign up by is April 10th for appointments during this upcoming trip. Late sign-ups will be taken on a space available basis.

Note: I will not be returning to CA until mid-July, as I'll be in New Zealand again in June, so get those new tattoos now!


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