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Tattoo News - December 2002

First of all, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Sorry I'm about 2 weeks late in getting this out. I thought I could get it out immediately after my last SF trip, but I've held off as I've been very unsure of my upcoming schedule. I've been debating between going to Rapa Nui for Tapati (their cultural festival) again, or heading to the Cook Islands. Yesterday I bought tickets to Rarotonga and the Cooks. Rapa Nui will have to wait 'till next year. The Cook Islands are fantastic! They are not as developed as Tahiti, English speaking, and CHEAP as it's the New Zealand dollar (divide everything in half!). I've raved to some of you about what a great vacation value it is. See for yourself at and . Aloha Airlines is offering dirt cheap fares from Hawai'i & the West Coast, but availability is limited so move on it quick! See


Dan & the crew at Soul Expressions have a good website going with lots of nice Tribal work. See It's exceptionally slow in loading, so hopefully you have a DSL hook-up.

A pretty good introductory article on Polynesian tattoo is at This is actually a third grade lesson plan (yes, they are studying tattoos in 3rd grade!) but it's pretty informative & has a couple of nice images.

A fun site with some tattoo photos & great quotes is Getting to the tattoo section is tricky, it's Gallery 3 if you can find that. Surf the site for a bit, it's worth the time. Also check out the Arts links at

Inia's Auckland shop, Moko Ink, has a great website at It has an excellent tattoo photo gallery well worth looking at. Moko Ink is the only shop that I've visited that STRICTLY does
traditional style black work-- no commercial designs, no tribal, and no color. See! I'm not the only purist!

The world's first tattooing robot is Hopefully you all prefer the personal touch, or we could be outta work!!


Currently I am in Honolulu via both phone & e-mail (until Jan. 10th). If you are interested in an appointment, you can call me at (808) 734-8677, but please keep in mind that we are 2 hours earlier than the west coast. For details on how to sign up for an appointment, see or stop by any of the California locations listed on the website to sign up in person & see samples of my work.

Kauai - Dec 27th through 30th (tentative), otherwise
Home until January 10th
Rarotonga - Jan. 13th - 28th
Home - Jan 29th through Feb. 11th
Los Angeles - Feb. 14th through Feb. 23rd (these dates are tentative)
N. San Diego County - Feb 25th through Mar. 4th (tentative)
San Francisco - Mar. 8th through 16th (tentative)



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