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Tattoo News - March 2002

If you are in Hawai'i...

A series of slide lectures will be presented at Lyon Arboretum on two Saturdays, March 2nd and 9th from 10:00 to 11:30 am. The first lecture, A Tattoo Tour of
Polynesia, provides an onerview of tattoo practices in ancient Polynesia. The second illustrated lecture, Tattoo Traditions of Hawai'i, takes a detailed look at the tattoo in ancient Hawai'i as well as the revival today. There is a fee of $8. per lecture. Advance reservations are required and can be made by calling 988-0456.

On Thursday morning (2/28) at about 8:20 a.m. The O'ahu Channel 2 News will brodcast a live interview with Tricia to promote the lecture series at Lyon Arboretum

On the web....

Some great photos of traditional peoples are at There's some great body art here, although no tattoos. Also see and

Jane's Oceania webpage has links to several great picture and postcard galleries-- see Her website is still the best source of Oceanic resources on the web. See or for a concise listing, go to

Pacific Islands Report, one of the best news sources on the Pacific, is online at Check the links in the left hand column as well, esp. News and Magazines, as there's some good info here.

There's also a wealth of information on the Oceanic Arts Society webpage. A list of their links is at

If you are interested in contemporary Tahitian tattoo design, check out Tahiti Manava's website at Also Jordi's
Tattoo Shop (one of the more commercial tattoo establishments in Tahiti) has several sets of flash designs worth looking at. It takes awhile to load-- be

For a good bibliography of recent books on tattoo (including some Polynesian tattoo) see:

Tattoo Schedule....

Currently Tricia is home on O'ahu and is available to consult with those interested or scheduled for an appointment during her upcoming CA trip. You can reach her at (808) 734-8677, but please keep in mind the time difference & don't call before 11:00 am CA time, but feel free to call as late as midnight. The suggested deadline to sign up is April 1st for a guaranteed appointment, but if you want custom art, it's far better to SIGN UP EARLY! For details on how to sign up, see, or again call Tricia at home. You can also e-mail her at

Tentative dates:
until April 28th - Home in Honolulu
May 16th through 30th - Los Angeles
June 4th through 16th - San Francisco


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