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Tattoo News - February 2002

On the web:

To see some contemporary Marquesan tapa (barkcloth) with tattoo images, go to:

A great bibliography of contemporary Pacific art is listed at:

This is actually a course syllabus & reading list from Professor Rangihiroa Panoho's course at the University of Auckland, but it has a great bibliography.

One of the best sites on Pacific art, particularly Melanesian art is at If you are interested in body art & painting, check out:

There is even a fairly extensive article and photos of numerous styles of phallocrypts. What is a phallocrypt? Well, I've always referred to them as penis gourds. While on the subject of strange words, I'd always thought Oggeroggeruk was properly spelled. Nope! Akurikuruk is
correct. You can see these and other fantastic New Britian masks at

Stroll this site for a bit-- you'll see some great art and there's some very informatve articles.

Another site with fewer, but better photos (very little history or text) of Papua New Guinea art is at A similar site with great art photos is Also

Tribal Arts Magazine is online at, although I highly recommend the hard copy over the online version. The Jewelry of Oceania Exhibition is impressive--

California Tattoo Lecture:
On Sunday, February 10th from 2:00 to 4:00 pm Na Mamo will be hosting an illustrated lecture on the Tattoo Traditions of Eastern Polynesia in Fullerton at Independence Park, 801 West Valencia. Come! Rarely do I lecture in southern Cal!

California Schedule:

From February 8th through the 20th I will be at Island Legends in Gardenia (in the L.A. area). My schedule is fairly full, but there's always a possibility of cancellations or appointments becoming available. If you are interested, the best thing to do is come by the store early on in my stay for a consultation and chose a design. Once we've done that I know how long we would need & can look at the feasibility of getting you on the schedule.

If we can't get you on the calander for this trip, you'll be ready for my next trip in May/June.

Again, If you want to e-mail me, please DON'T use the REPLY function, as it will not get to me. It is best to phone, or you can e-mail me directly at . Please keep in mind that when I am travelling, I do not e-mail at all, so it could be a month before you get a response. If you really want to reach me, it's best to call: (510) 802-2155.


Tricia Allen

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