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Tattoo News - January 2002

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas & let's hope for a Happy, Healthy New Year!

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Hawai'i Events

A slide lecture titled "A Tattoo Tour of Polynesia" will be presented at the
Kailua Public Library on January 15th from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. This lecture
provides an overview of tattoo in ancient Polynesia within it's culture context.
Hawai'i, the Marquesas, Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga, Aotearoa and Rapa Nui will be
included. 239 Ku'ulei Road, Kailua. For more info, call 266-9911.

California News & Events:

The Sunday magazine section of the San Francisco Chronicle is doing a feature
story on rites of passage, including Polynesian tattoo. They've interviewed
myself, Kris Kanoho of Mo'opuna, and Rodney Powell, our Tongan tattoo buddy. We
think it'll be in the December 30th paper, but keep your eyes peeled! If I get
definate confirmation on a different date, I'll send out a brief mailing, but we
may not know ahead of time, so watch for it!

If you are in the SF Bay area, Otea Api, the Freemont based dance group, has
received an invitation to perform in the 1st International Tahitian Dance
Festival in Papeete , Tahiti. As a fundraiser for the Tahiti event, they will
perform a presentation of "Journey to Tahiti" January 12 , 2002 at the Chabot
College Theater in Hayward , Ca. For details and ticket info. see

For a fairly good calander of Hawaiian events on the mainland, see

As you might know, the newest Survivor is currently being filmed on Nuku Hiva in
the Marquesas. A SCARRY thought! Anyway, they've asked me to write an article on
Marquesan Tattoo (both modern & ancient) for their website. It should be up
soon-- watch for a new link from my webpage and/or check out It should appear under the
link to CULTURE, along with articles by Sven Kirsten, Sidesl Millerstom and
Carol Ivory on other aspects of Marquesan culture & art. Or go directly to

You'd never know if from this unassuming URL, but this is one of the most
impressive compilations of legends and other assorted stories and facts from the
Pacific. Make sure to check out:

The National Library of Australia's has an online exhibition of Captain Cook and
Omai, the tattooed Tahitian he took back to Britain. It has quite an extensive
and has dozens of images by the various artists that accompanied Cook on his
voyages, primarily Tahiti, New Zealand and Hawaii. See

The Carson, CA based hula halau (traditional hula school), Hula Halau o
Lilinoe's website is at

I've included these in a fairly recent newsletters, but there's dozens of new
members on our mailing list.

On Indonesian tattoo, see

For a sampling of modern Tahitian designs and some good inspiration on designs,

If you are into great tattoo-related art, check out Gotz' paintings at:

My upcoming schedule:

note: These dates are CONFIRMED

now until January 21st - home on O'ahu, but I'll be hard to reach after Jan 4th.
Call NOW!
January 24th to February 6th- San Francisco
February 9th to February
20th - Los Angeles

If you are interested in an appointment during my upcoming California trip,
contact me QUICKLY & sign up SOON! The sooner, the better, so hopefully we'll
have a bit of time to correspond & work on your design. Call me at (808)
734-8677, but please keep in mind the time difference & don't call before 11:00
am, CA time. The last possible deadline to sign up is Jan 1st for a guaranteed
appointment, but if you want custoom art, you must SIGN UP EARLY! For details on
how to sign up, see

Again, If you want to e-mail me, please DON'T use the REPLY function, as it will
not get to me.
It is best to phone, or you can e-mail me directly at . Please keep in mind that when I am travelling, I do not e-mail
at all, so it could be a month before you get a response. If you really want to
reach me, best to call. In California: (510) 802-2155 or when I'm home in
Hawai'i, (808) 734-8677.

All the best to you for the holidays and the new year!



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