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Tattoo News - Nov/Dec 2006

Sorry I'm so behind on sending out these newsletters as of late. My CA trips are getting longer & longer, and I don't often have internet access in CA.


I recently had the honor or curating an exhibit titled "Tattoo Traditions of Hawai'i: Original Drawings by Jacques Arago" at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. A review of the exhibit is online at The exhibit runs through this Sunday only, and the Academy is hosting it's first-ever closing party this Friday, Nov 3rd from 4-6 pm. Please come!


There are a few great sites on Pacific tapa or barkcloth. Some tapa designs also correspond to tattoo designs. Check out and and This last site has a number of good links to other forms of traditional Pacific arts. It is well worth exploring. For Samoan tapa, see

A number of early Pacific illustrations, including some tattooed islanders, is at

There is an article on world-renown tattooist Ed Hardy at

Some good Polynesian influenced tattoos are online at


Nov 21st - Dec 7th: San Francisco, Aloha Warehouse
Dec 15th - early March: home on O'ahu, but I'm having surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome on Dec 22nd, so my availability for tattooing will be restricted.

The following dates are tentative and may vary (according to how my hand heals from the surgery) but hopefully only slightly:

Mar 1st - 11th: San Francisco area
Mar 17th - Apr 1st: Los Angeles area
Apr 4th - 15th: Oceanside

Both my upcoming trips have a lot of sign-ups already, so don't snooze! Call me at home on O'ahu if you are serious about an appointment: 808 734-8677. I far prefer the phone for initial inquiries as I talk far faster than I type, but if you prefer e-mail, it's Details on signing up are on my website at: although contact me before signing up to check current availability.



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