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Tattoo News - April 2012

Aloha, It may seem odd that immediately upon returning from Australia and Aotearoa my newsletter this time is largely on Samoan tatau. Honestly I had this largely prepared before leaving as II knew my time at home would be very limited. Next month I'll include more links to Maori art, people and places I encountered. I did meet some absolutely wonderful people-many amazing artists-- and got to reconnect with a lot of old friends. It was a great trip but most definitely not long enough. I regret not having time to get to Wellington or up North in Aotearoa and didn't get to Melbourne either. Next timeŠ and yes, there will be a next time, hopefully SOON!


The Easter Island Foundations conference on all things Pacific is coming up in July in Marin County, Northern CA. The deadline for early registration discounts, however, is March 30th. See  for details and sign up soon if you are in the area! It should be a great conference.

The Pacific Islands Ethnic Art Museum in Long Beach is having their Living Arts showcase on May 5th & 6th. I should be there tattooing, assuming all permits can be secured. Booths are available for community groups and local Pacific Island artists. See


Robert Keli'iho'omalu speaks of the true meaning of aloha and perpetuating Hawaiian values (which should be UNIVERSAL) at

YouTube is a fantastic source for observing Polynesian culture and dance. One of my favorite dance groups is Black Grace, a NZ based men's dance troupe that blends traditional Polynesian with contemporary dance.

Tatau is a Samoan men's dance group that all wear the traditional Samoan pe'a (knee-to-waist tattoo). They began in Auckland, but now have spread to Australia as well. A good video of one of their performances is online at  The group Tatau also participated in the 2011 Teuila Festival, perhaps Samoa's largest annual cultural event:

A Samoan comedy dance performance by Delicious Dance Crew is at  Very silly Mau Muaiava also has a video online on her Samoan tattoos, focusing especially on her malu. See A second, quite different video with Mau's prose & Samoan proverbs is at Faavela lele!

Another nicely done video featuring the work of Su'a Vitale Petelo is at Yes, there are more Tufuga named Petelo than we thought! Also see which is an article on a shoulder piece done on a palangi (non-Polynesian) by Su'a Vitale.

Su'a Wilson Fitiao of Tutuila is interviewed while tattooing at

Su's Suluape Paulo, a true master tufuga is featured in a memorial video at


The following dates may vary, but only slightly, pending the final number of clients scheduling in each city.

Mar 25th - Apr 15th: Home on O'ahu
Apr 19th - Apr 29th: East San Francisco area
May 4th - May 15th: Los Angeles
May 19th - 23rd: Oceanside
May 29th - June 20th: Home on O'ahu
late-June - mid-July: San Francisco Bay Area

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Aloha, Tricia

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