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Tattoo News - June 2012

<<<<>>>> ONLINE<<<<>>>>
The 1984 documentary Signatures of the Soul, which was perhaps the first tattoo documentary that included a substantial amount on Polynesian tattoo is online at

Margo DeMello's book, Faces Around the World is online It has a good deal of information on both traditional facial tattooing & scarification.

An impressive start to the revitalization of Yapese tattoo, particularly the traditional tattoo of Fias was undertaken by Jermy Uowolo, Ike Mangi, with assistance from Ni Powell. Congratulations guys! That is a FANTASTIC tattoo! Hopefully the beginning of a true renaissance. Ni recently added a summary and photos to his blog at and more photos are at

While at the Pacific Island Ethnic Art Museum I met a great local reporter who, while covering the museum's Living Arts Showcase, did an extensive interview with me and podcast now online at Another briefer radio interview is online at

A new guide to sources focusing on traditional Hawaiian tattoo was compiled by Malia Van Heukelem at the University of Hawai'I at Manoa. Although some of unpublished sources may be difficult to find elsewhere, the majority of the published works should be available in any good library or via inter-library loan. See

<<<<>>>>MUSEUM EXHIBITIONS<<<<>>>>

The newly merged Honolulu Academy of Art and the Contemporary Museum-now The Honolulu Museum-is hosting a major exhibition titled Honolulu Tattoo. There will be numerous film showings and lectures. I'll be giving two presentations-- July 30th and August 5th at 7:30 pm both dates. There is also a tattoo theme Art After Dark and a Family Sunday, which should both be a lot of fun.

The exhibition opening reception is Wed June 13th @ 7:30 pm (opening to the public on June 14th) so mark your calendars and keep an eye on the website for other special events: listings: There are two short films showing along with Skin Stories, see

The NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) in Melbourne also has an upcoming tattoo exhibition. If all goes well and we can confirm all details quickly (before my pending SF departure), I'll be there & will have appointments available. See & as well as


I've just arrived home where I will be for a couple of weeks, doing artwork & scheduling folks for my upcoming SF area trip later in the month. Call 808 734-8677 or e-mail with your phone number & a short description of what you have in mind ((body placement & size). Keep in mind it takes a few days to travel and tear down & set up the equipment, hence the gaps.

June 1st - June 18th Home on O'ahu
June 23rd - July 4th San Francisco Bay Area- CALL NOW TO SCHEDULE!
July 8th - 12th Napa- VERY limited appointments available
July 17th - Aug 6th: Home on Oahu
Aug 16th - 31st perhaps Melbourne, (still pending, e-mail if you are interested)
Returning to Southern CA mid-Sept through mid-Oct

Details are on my website: or again, call me at 808 734-8677. Melbourne folks-please e-mail me at

Aloha, Tricia

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