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Tattoo News - June 2013


As some of you may know, I've recently taught a course at Windward Community College on the tattoo history of the Pacific.  A number of my students wrote excellent research papers worth sharing:
Will Sherman wrote on Polynesian Outliers:

Ashley Dieron wrote on the Filipino Baybayan script, See her April 1st posting.  Kapiolani Nee wrote on the Huia feathers, particularly as worn on the head by Maori:

If you are interested in moai, the large stone statues of Rapa Nui, you'll enjoy this video on the carving of a moai by the Tuki family.  Bene Tuki also wears some beautiful tattoos which are fncluded in the film.

A 2002 documentary, Savage Symbols, features interviews with 9 men who wear the Samoan pe'a. See

An interesting art project that focused on the Kermadecs, a remote part of Aotearoa (New Zealand) is online at

This isn't tattoo, but it certainly is fantastic body art!  Some really cool bridal wear made of feathers, road kill and bones...


June 8 & 9th is the San Dimas Ho'olaule'a. This event is in a natural setting and includes animal displays and an animal sanctuary in addition to the Island theme crafts and entertainment. See

The Miss Pacific Islander Festival will be on June 28th in Chula Vista.  Unfortunately I'll be in N CA by that time, but it should be a fun event!  See

Sacramento folks: I'll also be doing a guest-spot at Sideshow Tattoos, a wonderful tattoo studio in Sac that week prior to the festival--  See the sign up procedures on my website: Please sign up by July 5th for a guaranteed appointment.  We'll be having a reception and book signing at the shop on Sunday Sept. 29th.  Mark your calendars and watch future newsletters for updates!


My dates may vary only slightly, pending the final number of clients committed in each city. /p>

May 17 - 29             LA
June 1 - 9                 Oceanside
June 15-30               SF East Bay Area
July 5- 30                 Home on O'ahu
Aug 3 - 12                Vancouver, BC
Aug 21-  Sept 1        LA
Sept  3  - 8               Oceanside
Sept  14 - 24            Pleasanton (SF area)
Sept  30 - Oct 4       Sacramento
Oct 5                        Sacramento Aloha Festival
Nov 6 - Dec 4          Aotearoa (New Zealand)
Dec 6 - May 15, 2014    Home on O'ahu

The deadline to sign up for my August/September trip is July 5th, although I always keep a wait-list in case of cancellations. I am also happy to meet with folks during my current trip to discuss possible future appointments and designs.

You can contact me at 808-734-8677 or e-mail . Please leave a BRIEF description of what you have in mind and your phone number as well as how late I can call you as I often tattoo until 9 pm.


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