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Tattoo News - March 2012

I'm sending this out somewhat early as I am heading to Australia & Aotearoa. I will be unavailable by phone after the 20th of Feb, but you can e-mail me or reach me on Facebook. Part of my purpose in the trip is seeking new artists and doing photo shoots & interviews for the new books. If you are interested & are in OZ or NZ, please e-mail me-- my detailed schedule & contact info is given below. Mahalo!


Uma Lulik (The Sacred House) is an excellent video in the mountains of Timor-Leste and is online at  The first few minutes the screen IS black-keep watchingŠit is well worth it.

A great video with Samoan Tufuna (master tattooist), Su'a Suluape Petelo Alaiva'a during his recent stay in Auckland is at  Part 2 is at

An interview with master tattooist, Trevor Marshall is online at Trevor's mentor was Roger Ingerton who is a great person and one of the best innovative Polynesian style tattooists ever, and Trevor has filled those shoes quite well! Both Trevor and Roger are featured quite heavily in my book, The Polynesian Tattoo Today.


The Pacific Island Ethic Art Museum in Long Beach is hosting their Living Arts festival May 5 & 6th. I'll be there & it should be good fun! See

Festival of Pacific Arts has a website on their upcoming event in the Solomon Islands --  For those of you considering attending the festival, or for any other Pacific travel needs, I highly recommend International Travel Service--  r e-mail  Geoff is well traveled in the Pacific and adept at assisting with unusual travel arrangements.


The following dates may vary, but only slightly, pending the final number of clients scheduling in each city.

Jan 15th - Feb 18th: Home on O'ahu and available to tattoo.
Feb 25th - March 1st: Sydney
Mar 1st - 18th: Aotearoa (New Zealand)
Mar 25th - Apr 15th: Home on O'ahu
Apr 19th - Apr 29th: East San Francisco, area
May 4th - May 16th: Los Angeles
May 19th - 23rd: Oceanside
May 29th - June 20th; Home on O'ahu
late-June - mid-July: San Francisco Bay Area
late July- late Aug: Home on O'ahu
Sept - Oct: Los Angeles, Oceanside and perhaps Mexico City

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment in California, you can reach me AFTER Mar. 24th at (808) 734-8677 or e-mail me at . It is necessary to sign up in advance for guaranteed appointments. I do give priority in scheduling according to the date of deposits so the sooner, the better. Also, by signing up early it allows us more time to create a custom design for you. See  for details. If you are a new client, reading the FAQ as well as the SCHEDULE link will be beneficial.

Aloha, Tricia

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