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Tattoo News - February 2012


A major museum exhibition on tattoo will open in Honolulu in June of 2012. If you are considering a vacation, this is the time! I'll post more updates as the schedules are announced, but it led me to do a bit of homework on previous museum exhibitions featuring tattoo and body arts in general. The American Museum of Natural History hosted a spectacular exhibition (perhaps the first of it's kind on this scale) in 1999-2000. The event is still on their website at Several years later Honolulu's Mission Houses Museum had an impressive exhibition on body arts of the Pacific, also archived online at

If you are planning a Hawaii trip and have any interest in visiting any of the museums, consider a membership in the Hawaii State Museum Association. An out-of-State membership is only $20 a year and gives you free admission to all museums in the State-- an unbelievable bargain! See but make sure you send in your membership well in advance of your trip, as it is an all volunteer organization and tends to be a bit slow in processing new memberships and sending out cards.

Other great bargains on rental cars in Hawai'i can be found at These are not rent-a-heaps, but rather are through all the major car rental companies.

The Niu Warriors Exhibition in Australia is an impressive exhibition of both traditional and contemporary Pacific arts. A video is online at

The University of Hawai'i Pacific Collection has a great site with great resources that is well worth browsing. See

As many of you know, in 2011 there was a very impressive traditional voyaging endeavor that had participants from many of the Polynesian island groups. The canoes visited a number of cities along the West Coast and numerous cultural festivals and some wonderful exchanges took place. There's a good website on the project at

Fortunately in recent years, many human remains and "artifacts" of cultural significance are being returned from the museums that have housed them for as long as two centuries, in some cases. An article on the recent return of 20 mokomokai is online at  A beautiful video (in Maori) on the return and their welcome home is it's a moving video, and the sentiment comes through regardless of whether one understands the Maori language.


The following dates may vary, but only slightly, pending the final number of clients scheduling in each city.

Jan 15th - Feb 18th: Home on O'ahu and available to tattoo.
Feb 25th - March 3rd: Sydney
Mar 4th - 18th: Aotearoa (New Zealand)
Mar 25th - Apr 15th: Home on O'ahu
Apr 19th - Apr 29th: East San Francisco, area
May 4th - May 16th: Los Angeles
May 19th - 23rd: Oceanside
May 29th - June 20th; Home on O'ahu
late-June - mid-July: San Francisco Bay Area late
July- late Aug: Home on O'ahu
Sept - Oct: Los Angeles, Oceanside and perhaps Mexico City

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, you can reach me at (808) 734-8677 or e-mail me at <>, although I far prefer the phone for initial contacts as there is a lot to discuss & I talk far faster than I type. Please call me while on O'ahu or while in California. It is necessary to sign up in advance for guaranteed appointments. I do give priority in scheduling according to the date of deposits so the sooner, the better. Also, by signing up early it allows us more time to create a custom design for you. See for details. If you are a new client, reading the FAQ as well as the SCHEDULE link will be beneficial.


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