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Tattoo News - May 2011

I'm finally home after nearly 3 months on the road. As you might know, I had extended this trip last trip and made a detour to Denver. Thus, I'm needing a bit more time than usual to recover & get caught up with e-mail & tasks at home and am returning to CA slightly later than planned. Please see below.

The Polynesian Tattoo Today just took two first place awards at the Hawai'i Book Publishers Association annual event, Ka Palapala Po'okela. It won the Excellence in Special Interest category and the Reader's Choice award thanks to all the talented and beautifully adorned folks that graced the pages! The book has been sold out and went into its 3rd printing, which is now available. You can order from my website:  If you are ordering internationally, please e-mail for a shipping quote, as international postage varies by country.

A nice blog with images of tattoos from the Northern Pacific is at This is well worth a look as some of the illustrations are of from islands rarely featured. The sources are credited, which is nice and a rarity these days! Most are engravings, however, which are often inaccurate as the engravers all too frequently took liberties (remember the telephone game?). Some of these are copies of copies of copies redrawn for each publication. Also note that in the Guam section most of the illustrations are actually from the Caroline Islands. Unfortunately very little exists in the way of tattoo documentation from Guam. A nice site, regardless!

The previously listed site contains a Caroline Island script I was curious about as Pacific languages were generally not written. I received validation from my friend Dr. Don Rubinstein, a Micronesian specialist, that it is authentic, but a late introduction. Don provided a link to this article: Saul Riesenberg, (one of the co-authors here) also edited the journal of James O'Connell, A Residence of Eleven Years in New Holland and the Caroline Islands, which has a good deal about tattooing in the Carolines, although his tales are likely embellished. James O'Connell was traditionally tattooed, then returned to the states and performing Irish jigs and promoting himself as The Tattooed Irishman. It's a great read, although out-of-print. Check your local library or online book dealers.

A site focusing on the last on the last tattooed Rapanui of old is at  There are several other recent articles/books on Rapanui tattoo. The one I think the most accurate & thorough is Ana Maria Arredondo's book, Takona, which is available in both English & Spanish.\ the book is not easy to find, but searching TAKONA as a keyword on Bookfinders gave these results, so there are a few copies to be had.

A brief but good article on an individual's experience in getting a Marquesan style tattoo is at the article is well-written, with one minor exception--there has been very little (if any) real Spanish influence in the Marquesas. The Spaniards were the first Europeans to arrive there and named the island group, but there's been minimal influence otherwise.

If you're on O'ahu and want to attend a fun event, check out the 5th Annual Wearable Art Show at Hawai'I Theater on Thurs May 18th. See for details on this as well as other MAMo events showcasing Hawaiian artists.

The following dates are tentative, pending the final number of clients committed to appointments in each city, but they won't vary much-perhaps a few days at most.

June 34th - June 12th: Los Angeles
June 18th - July 3rd : east SF area

My following trip:
Early August: Oceanside
Late Aug - early Sept: LA
Med-Sept - early Oct: East SF

Currently I'm at home on O'ahu & available to consult with clients re. artwork & appointments for this next trip. Please call me at (808) 734-8677 or you can e-mail me at I talk FAR faster than I type so I far prefer the phone whenever possible. At least if you are e-mailing, please include your phone number.

The deadline for the next mainland trip is soon- May 15th, but I can take late sign ups on a space-available basis. Details on signing up are online at  If you are a new client, the FAQ link on my website has quite a bit of info on the process-it may help to read it over:

LA clients: I may be at a new location, perhaps in Northridge. If you are currently signed up & this would be a deterrent, please let me know. As soon as my location is confirmed, I will put it on my recording on the CA voice mail number: 510-802-2155. Also, I will have a new apprentice with me, so if you are interested in an appointment with a skilled newbie at very reasonable rates, let me know. If finances have been a deterring you, here's your chance!


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