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Tattoo News - October 2012

The women's tattoos of Papua New Guinea are being revived and documented by two great highly motivated women, Julia Gray and Nata Richards.  An article about their endeavor is at  There's also a nice introductory video at!Video/c1bf2 A worthy project! 

Pacific tattoo news from Bangkok? Yes, it seems odd, but master tattoo artist Pat Fish recently forwarded me this article:

An educational voyaging project focusing on climate change and culture is  summarized online  The photos are wonderful, as is the project!

The Ukok Princess, sometimes referred to as the Siberian mummy, is being returned home!  A great article including detailed drawings of the tattoos is at

O'ahu residents: In the spring semester (Jan-May) I'll be teaching a class in the Spring (Jan. through early May) at Windward Community College on the early practice of tattooing in Polynesia. It will focus on the ethnohistory and original records of Polynesian tattoo, covering both primary and secondary sources, with an emphasis on the original documentation of the art. Contemporary issues and the revival of tattoo will be covered as well. The class will be Tuesday and Thursday late mornings. Community college classes are open to anyone who wants to register. It's easy to register online and fees are affordable. See

­NOTE: there will be no actual tattooing in the class, rather we will be studying the early cultural context of tattoo and the modern practices in each of the primary Polynesian island groups, as well as the modern revival and contemporary issues.


Oct 4 -14th: Pacific Island Ethnic Arts Museum in Long Beach
Oct 20 - 25th: Felton (Santa Cruz area)
Oct  27 - Nov 1st: Pleasanton/Livermore
Nov 7th – early May: Home on O'ahu

I do have some remaining openings in all areas, and I also keep a wait-list in case of cancellations. I'm currently on the road and tattooing, but you can reach me at  (808) 734-8677 - texting that number also works as I often can't pick up the phone if I'm working. You can also e-mail me at If you are a new client, there is also a lot of good information in the FAQ on my website, see


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