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Tattoo News - August 2012

O'ahu Folks:  My tattoo presentations in conjunction with the exhibition Tattoo Honolulu at the Honolulu Museum are fast approaching!

A Tattoo Tour of Polynesia on July 30 at 7:30pm   The Tattoo Revival in Polynesia is Aug. 5 at 7:30pm. Both events are $5 admission, $3 for museum members, students are free. After each lecture I'll be signing copies of my books The Polynesian Tattoo Today and Tattoo Traditions of Hawai‘i, available for purchase in the theater lobby. See

I'll be tattooing at the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) in Melbourne as part of an upcoming tattoo exhibition. I'll be in the gallery Aug 16th – 26th & have appointments available.  See  and  If you would like an appointment at the Gallery, please see the links & shoot me an e-mail. I'll also be doing several PowerPoint presentations and gallery talks, so keep your eye on the website for updates.

<<<<>>>> ONLINE<<<<>>>>

Every once in awhile I run across a website that makes mention of me or includes my work.  Here's one that appears quite nice! I wish I could read Spanish!

SF area folks—if you have any interest in hula, or just impressive dance, this promises to be a fantastic show and it's FREE!

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs monthly publication, Ka Wai Ola just ran a wonderful color spread including some of my work and a brief interview. The online version is at The article reviews the exhibition TATTOO HONOLULU, now at the newly merged Honolulu Academy of Art and the Contemporary Museum--now The Honolulu Museum. There is also a news clip archived online at There are numerous events taking place, including two lectures I'll be giving, followed by book signings on July 30th and August 5th-- both at 7:30 pm. The 30th is a Tattoo Tour of Polynesia and the 5th is the Tattoo Revival in Polynesia. Keep an eye on the website for other events: For details:

A wonderful project involving the digitization of the Hawaiian language newspapers is summarized by Puakea online at It's a great endeavor!

It's somewhat rare these days that we see much of anything on Fijian art.  There is a good website at


Please check out my website (esp. the SCHEDULE and FAQ links) and call 808 734-8677 or e-mail with your phone number & a short description of what you have in mind  (body placement & size).

These are my finalized working dates. Keep in mind it takes a few days to travel and tear down & set up the equipment, hence the gaps. Please sign up early to guarantee an appointment!

July 17-Aug 6th: home on Oahu
July 30th: A Tattoo Tour of Polynesia @7:30 pm, see EVENTS
Aug 5th: The Tattoo Revival in Polynesia @7:30 pm
Aug 6th-13th in transit to Australia
Aug 15-26th: The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, see EVENTS
Sept 1-15th: home on Oahu
Mid-Sept through October-- both Northern and Southern CA

Details are on my website: or again, call me at 808 734-8677. Melbourne folks-please see the links above and e-mail me!


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