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Tattoo News - May 2013


Good accurate information on the history of traditional tattoos is rare online.  I often wish i could include more links!  Here's a good overview of  the tattoo history world-wide:

An interesting discussion of evaluating "tribal" or non-Western art is at  More information on Tribal art is on Michael Hamson's webpage:  An overview of African art, as well as some reasonably priced pieces for sale, is at  Check the links in the right-hand column as well. Exquisite African jewelry is pictured and discussed at   Also see These are contemporary pieces using traditional older beads and materials. Glancing through the gallery & looking at pricing, I am quite glad that I've been buying antique beads and pendants for the last couple of decades!

Speaking of traditional designs on jewelry, David Morgan's beautiful line of Pacific Northwest inspired art is at

Some innovative adaptions of Papua New Guinea designs on jewelry is at  While looking for traditional jewelry & body art, I ran across this page with has some spectacular pieces:, although I find Pinterest frustrating as it seems near impossible to link back to or credit the originator or creator. More fun, ethnic jewelry, Novica, the online store of National Geographic, has some fun pieces as well as great other ethnic arts.  Check out their masks, also!  


Buying direct from the author is always best. Few people realize that the author's royalties are often only 6%!  Support independent authors by buying direct!

Marquesan tattooist, Teiki Huukena has compiled a dictionary of Marquesan tattoo motifs that is now available in both English and French.  See

Therese Mango's wonderful book Patterns of the Past on Cook Island tattooing is available direct from New Zealand:

Of course my books are both still available for purchase from my website:


The Pasifika Living Arts Showcase at the Pacific Island Ethnic Arts Museum in Long Beach is just around the corner, May 18th & 19th.  This is a fun event with loads of hands-on activities for the whole family!  I feel honored that the museum is my permanent tattoo locale while I'm in the LA area-- it is a beautiful space!  Stop in during the festival or anytime the following week.  See  for more details, and!pasifikalivingartsshowcase/c1ed5  for a schedule of activities.

June 8 & 9th is the San Dimas Ho'olaule'a. This event is in a natural setting and includes animal displays and an animal sanctuary in addition to the Island theme crafts and entertainment. See

The Miss Pacific Islander Festival will be on June 28th in Chula Vista.  Unfortunately I'll be in N CA by that time, but it should be a fun event!  See  This benefits a scholarship fund for Pacific Islander women.

Sacramento folks: The Aloha Festival that used to be at the SF Presidio will be hosted by the Lauakea Foundation in Sacramento this year, October 5th.  It promises to be a great event!  In addition to the crafts vendors & ono Hawaiian food, of course there will be all-day entertainment as well as seminars & educational workshops. I'll be giving a presentation on the historical aspects of Polynesian Tattoo.  I'll also be doing a guest-spot at Sideshow Tattoos, a wonderful tattoo studio in Sac that week prior to the festival--  See the sign up procedures on my website: Please sign up by July 5th for a guaranteed appointment.  We'll be having a reception and book signing at the shop on Sunday Sept. 29th.  Mark your calendars and watch future newsletters for updates!


I'll be heading to CA soon and am finalizing appointments & art for this upcoming trip. If you are interested, call me QUICK!  (808) 734-8677.

My dates may vary slightly, pending the final number of clients committed in each city.  LA is filling fast, so I may need to extend my stay there and head to Oceanside slightly later.

May 17 - 29 LA
June 1 - 9 Oceanside
June 15-30SF East Bay Area
 July 5- 30 Home on O'ahu
Aug 4 - 12 Vancouver, BC
Aug 21-  Sept 1 LA
Sept  3  - 8 Oceanside
Sept  14 - 24Pleasanton (SF area)
Sept  30 - Oct 4Sacramento
Oct 5 Sacramento Aloha Festival
Nov 6 - Dec 4 Aotearoa (New Zealand)
Dec 6 - May 15 2014 Home on O'ahu

To my regular CA clients: Give a call if you you want ink & haven't scheduled yet. Let's get you on the calendar soon! 808-734-8677.

Artist Jordan Souza will be with me for a portion of my time in LA in May. You can see Jordan's tattoo art  throughout his various Facebook pages or on his new site:   You can contact him directly re. scheduling at 808-387-9967. Please leave a BRIEF description of what you have in mind and your phone number.

Aloha, Tricia
(808) 734-8677

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