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Tattoo News - March 2011

If you have interesting links or news you would like to see included in this newsletter, please pass them on!  When I am traveling it is often difficult for me to find the time to search out quality tattoo or Pacific art links.

A new dictionary of Marquesan tattoo motifs is in the works, but unfortunately only in French for the time being:

A very interesting video project, the Netart exhibition by the Berkeley Art Museum, is reminiscent of a book tattooed on a number of individuals. You can view a sampling of it online at

Te Papa Tongarewa, the Museum of New Zealand is organizing a textile conference in Wellington in June, if you happen to be in Aotearoa:

Since we're on the topic of Aotearoa & Maori arts, a great collection of paintings of tattooed Maori individuals by Gottfried Lindauer can be viewed at More information on Lindauer compiled and researched by Dalvanius Prime (a fascinating musician/artist who was very involved with Maori rights, including the repatriation and access to mokomokai, the preserved Maori heads ~see and is online at

Another biography of Lindauer is posted at  Next month I will include information and links on Goldie, another outstanding painter who illustrated many Maori.

Those from Hawai'i will be amused by a video trailer posted by The Huffington Post for a book by Sarah Vowell on the history of Hawai'i via plate lunches. Fortunately plate lunches taste and look FAR better than the photos in the video.  In actuality, they are often quite good & look nothing like the technicolor food montages which are certainly an entertaining means of creating illustrations. The video trailer is amusing, in any case.  See


Mar 10 - 21: Los Angeles New Location, read below.
Mar 29 - Apr 10: east SF area

I'm currently in LA and can be reached at (808) 734-8677, or you can leave me a voice mail at (510) 802-2155 or you can e-mail, although I talk FAR faster than I type so I far prefer the phone whenever possible. If you are e-mailing, please include your phone number.

The deadline for the next mainland trip is well past, but I do still have limited availability and I keep a wait list in case of cancellations. Details are on my website at  If you are a new client, the FAQ link on my website has quite a bit of info on the process-it may help to read it over:

I am working at a new Los Angeles location~ Forever Hawaiian Polynesian Gifts-see  It is on Prairie Ave just north of Rosecrans (look for the blue canvas awning). Stop by & say hi!  I will be there daily during the above specified time period, with the exception of Monday
March 12th & 14th


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