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Tattoo News - November 2010

Lars Krutak has a new book, KALINGA TATTOOS, recently released by Edition Reuss. Lars book, like Reuss' other tattoo publications, is a spectacular, huge photo tribute to the art. It is well worth the hefty price tag, as are their other books on tattoo. Marissa's BLACK TATTOO ART in particular, has quite a bit on Polynesian tattoo, and features other traditional artists, like Colin Dale ( ( See but it's always better to purchase directly from the author (we make very minimal royalties otherwise) so you can purchase directly by e-mailing Lars at

An excellent article on the inappropriateness of copying others tattoo designs, particularly Maori moko (since they are ancestral & family/marae related), is at A interesting discussion developed on Facebook after I'd posted (actually re-posted) the link there. The problem is not only with Pakeha (whites) but with those of ANY culture that feel they are entitled to take a copy of something as personal as an individual's tattoo. It is fine to be inspired by others art (we all are!) but be original, be unique & make it your own!

Chantelle Burgoyne made a short documentary as part of a class project at the University of Auckland which featuring her step-father talking about his Samoan pe'a. It's extremely well done and worth watching!

The 4th International Samoa Tatau Festival will be in Apia from 17-19 November 2010. See for more information. Hopefully someone will post a review & photos afterward!

Unfortunately I had to cancel my New Zealand trip as I'm in a compression cast and dealing with medical & insurance issues, so I won't be attending the tattoo and art festival after all. If you are in the area, though, the festival will be in New Plymouth Nov 27th & 28th. See for details. It should be a great event!

KITV in Hawai'i did a good series on tattoo which is online at

Attention Hawai'i artists! The Honolulu Academy of Arts annual Artists of Hawai'i show has an open call for artwork. Guidelines & submitting guidelines are online at



unitl mid-Feb Home in Hawaii
Mid-January Possible Hilo and Maui trips IF there's sufficient interest
Feb 24 - Apr 12 LA, Oceasnside, SF and perhaps Morro Bay
Apr 16 - May 3 Home on O'ahu
May 6 - June 20 SF and LA

As always, the sooner you sign up, the better, as it allows us more time to communicate & work on your art, and gives you higher priority in scheduling. The deadline for deposits for the next Calif. trip is Jan. 10th for guaranteed appointments.

I am curious to see if there is sufficient interest in the Morro Bay/San Luis Obispo area to warrant a tattoo stop there. If you are on the central coast and might have an interest in new ink, please let me know.

For any of the above cities/dates, please call me to discuss art & scheduling: 808 734-8677 or e-mail me at, although I far prefer the phone for initial contacts as I talk far faster than I type.


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