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Tattoo News - July 2008


A new tattoo documentary called Ancient Ink will be aired July 14th (to be confirmed) on The History Channel.  For local air times/dates, see


Hawai'i tattoo regulations are horribly out of date; they were written in 1981.  In this year's legislative session there were 2 bills, both quite inappropriate, that deregulated tattooing. Determined to kill these bills, several dozen O'ahu tattooists banded together to create more appropriate legislation.  After several meetings, numerous phone surveys and hours of work, new legislation was drafted, and a meeting with all the key players took place July 7th at the state Capital.  An Associated Press article is online at  or view the same article with images at  Another, more in-depth, article is online at

One of the most amazing resources on things Hawaiian is at  This is an online data base of numerous books, the Hawaiian dictionary, and approx. 10,000+ pages of the historic Hawaiian newspapers, all searchable by keyword. It truly is amazing.


July 17th - Aug. 4th     American Samoa (unavail. by phone & by e-mail)
Aug. 5th - Sept. 5th     home on O'ahu (the best time to call or e-mail)
Sept. 10th - 21st          SF Bay Area (Pleasanton)
Sept. 26th - Oct. 7th    Los Angeles (Redondo Beach)
Oct. 9th - Oct. 19th       Oceanside (Momilani's)

The exact breakdown of dates may vary slightly, pending how many folks sign up in which cities- only my CA arrival and departure dates are set in stone.  I set aside 1 month prior to each trip to focus on clients signed up for appointments.  I'll be avail. as of August 5th for this; please call me at 808-734-8677, or e-mail AFTER Aug. 5th. Details on signing up are on the web at


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