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Tattoo News - April 2009


In my last newsletter I announced that Maori tattooist, Tane Lagah, may be visiting and working in Calif with me this next trip. You can see Tane's work on Facebook at If you are interested in getting a piece by Tane, please e-mail me at SOON!. Put Tane tattoo in the Subject, please. After the last announcement, there were so few serious inquiries, that Tane may not be able to justify coming, so please let me know NOW if you are interested in an appointment with him.

Rapanui tattooist/dancer Mokomae will be passing through So CA en route elsewhere. Mokomae does not have a website, but can be found on Facebook. Please let me know if you are interested in a Rapanui tattoo from Mokomae. Dates are unknown as of yet, but it looks like we ill overlap in So CA-- see my dates below. Please put Mokomae in the Subject of your e-mail.


Progress on the new book goes well, but the computer time required is horrific! 18 hour days & I am still falling behind. We have just completed screening the images that will be in the main section-- 216 photos will be included (out of 700+ received), and 25 featured artists I am still looking for photos of tattoos done by Boye Nichols, Vari'i on Tahiti, Roonui, Chime and Colla to fill the gaps. If you wear a tattoo by any of these artists (or others?) that you would like to see included, please e-mail me at


Our friend Michael Lothian has a Pacific oriented blogspot at Mike is a fantastic artist very versed in Polynesian culture. While Mike does not tattoo, he is available to create custom tattoo designs for a reasonable price for you to take to your local artist. See

Several excellent excerpts from the Kapa Haka festivals are at and also To see more, do a YouTube search for Kapa Haka.

There is a fantastic Fijian group called Black Rose (whose cds are near-impossible to get in the States), that has a number of music videos at and If anyone out there knows how to get any of their CDs, please let me know!

Speaking of great new Pacific music, if you haven't heard Te Vaka, you should! See and They do have a good website at


These dates may vary, but only very slightly, pending how many people are committed in each city.

now - May 6th: home on O'ahu
May 9 - 20th: San Francisco area
May 26 - June 7th: Oceanside
June 10 - 25th: Los Angeles
June 28 - late July: home on O'ahu

If you are interested in an appointment, please call me at 808-734-8677 QUICK, or e-mail . Priority in scheduling is given according to the date that your deposit is received (see the DEPOSIT POLICY online), so sign up early! Details can be found at

Once you are signed up, I'm available to correspond with you and start creating your custom art.



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