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Tattoo News - January 2009


The Oceanside Museum of Art hosted an exhibition on Samoan art, including tattoo, in 2002. Fortunately much of the exhibit is still online at

There's a pretty amusing video of a western film maker with the Huli Wigmen of PNG at

The best site to buy books on Hawai'i and the Pacific is Native Books. See They have a HUGE selection that is well indexed and also do a newsletter which can be either downloaded from their website or requested via e-mail; write to and ask that it be e-mailed to you. My book, Tattoo Traditions of Hawai'i can be purchased through her website at

If you have an interest in Rapa Nui (Easter Island), I just posted a number of photos on Facebook (and they CAN be viewed by non-members). See

If you might be visiting there, my dear friends Ana Maria Arrendondo, and Bene Tuki Pate now have a pension in addition to their gallery space. See An Maria has a deep appreciation & understanding of Rapa Nui tattoo (she wrote the recent book announced in a previous newsletter). Tours with a cultural & archaeological focus are avail with Josie Nahoe & her husband Ramon Edmunds-- e-mail me if you need their contact, as their website is not currently working. Also check out the Easter Island Foundation's website at There is an excellent guide book to Easter Island for sale, as well as a number of other interesting books.

The Hawai'i State tattoo regulations are paramount to many of us here this year. Our group has a BlogSpot at if you are interested.


These dates may vary, but only very slightly, pending how many people are committed in each city.

now - May 6th: home on O'ahu
May 9 - 20th: San Francisco area
May 26 - June 7th: Oceanside
June 10 - 25th: Los Angeles
June 28 - late July: home on O'ahu

If you are interested in an appointment, please call me at 808-734-8677, or e-mail Priority in scheduling is given according to the date that your deposit is received (see the DEPOSIT POLICY online), so sign up early! Details can be found at

Once you are signed up, I'm available to correspond with you and start creating your custom art.

Aloha and best wishes for a happy, healthy new year!


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