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Tattoo News - February/March 2009


Maori tattooist Tane Lagah may be visiting and working in Calif with me this next trip. You can see Tane's work on Facebook at If you are interested in getting a piece by Tane, please e-mail me at Put TANE TATTOO in the Subject, please. It would also help to let me know body placement you are considering & approximate size. I'll see if there's enough interest, then forward all the details to him, so you can be in direct contact.


I have several new books in the works, but it looks like the next will be a a departure from my usual, which has a very strong emphasis on the historical aspects, like Tattoo Traditions of Hawai'i. This one will be Polynesian Tattooing Today, and mostly pictorial (not historical at all). The only real text will be a thorough introduction to the art today. This is, in part, because it is what my publisher would like, and it will not take near so long as a book with all the historical references and text. But fun, none the less! If you wear a Polynesian style tattoo and are interested in being included, please e-mail me with NEW BOOK in the Subject category. If I did your tattoo I'll remember it, but I need examples of others work as well! Please send me a low res photo (just to give me an idea), your name, phone, and the name & city of your tattooist. Later I'll need a high resolution photo, but that's down the road a bit.


Since I have no new tattoo links (good Polynesian ones are hard to find!), I'll include some of my favorite Pacific dance performances and music from YouTube:

The Solomon Islands Pan Pipes that performed at the Festival of Pacific Arts in 2004 in Koror, Palau are online at They truly are wonderful to watch-- a must see! Other great clips are at and

Perhaps my all time Pan Pipes performance was in 1996 and is online in 2 parts at and

The Rapa Nui group, Matatoa, performance is online at

An excellent Palauan buys group performs at
A Tongan men's group is online at
There is a nice video from PNG at
Clips from a great old documentary, Trobriand Cricket, are online at
Other outstanding performances on YouTube are Black Grace, an all-male largely Maori dance group, at

TATTOO & TRAVEL SCHEDULE These dates may vary, but only very slightly, pending how many people are committed in each city.

now - May 6th: home on O'ahu May 9 - 20th: San Francisco area May 26 - June 7th: Oceanside June 10 - 25th: Los Angeles June 29 - late July: home on O'ahu

If you are interested in an appointment, please call me at 808-734-8677, or e-mail Priority in scheduling is given according to the date that your deposit is received (see the DEPOSIT POLICY online), so sign up SOON! Details can be found at Once you are signed up, I'm available to correspond with you and start creating your custom art. If you are ALREADY signed up, you'll hear from me in April to schedule your exact appointment time.

Aloha, Tricia --

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