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Tattoo News - December 2009

As you might know, I just returned from Aotearoa (New Zealand). Although my primary reason for the trip was meeting with the many tattooists there that are included in the new book, I saw some fantastic art, met some wonderful people, and saw many old friends. It was great, although quite a whirlwind tour, starting in Auckland, then on to Rotorua, then Wellington (where I got tattooed by Roger Ingerton, see before heading back up to Auckland for the tattoo convention.

While searching for websites of the many wonderful artists I met, I found a list of artists who participated in the UK exhibition Pasifika Styles is online at There are audio interviews included with some of the participating artists. There is some tattoo related art as well. It is worth a browse!

Also see

Even more great Maori art can be seen at

At the convention, I came to know Marisa Kakoulas (author of the Black Tattoo Art book) who has posted comments on the convention & photos at>.

Our long-time friend Michael from Australia also has some great photos at

A good overview of moko (Maori tattoo) is online at

The Auckland Museum has a good website at:

One of my favorite places in Aotearoa is the World of Wearable Art Museum or WOW. You can see some great photos online at

I am working on another new book, WAHINE O LE TATAU & would like to invite tattooed Polynesian women and female tattooists be included. It is largely to tell the female side of the story-- to give a voice to women in the art. I am striving for Polynesian women only, even though that seems racist. At least I'll start with that & see if there's enough wahine. The first 75% or so will be tattooed women. Each woman will get a full page photo & a page to tell their story-- about 400 - 450 words. The tattooist is credited of course, and will get a listing in the ARTISTS CONTACTS in the back with the shop name, location & website or e-mail. Photographers credits will be included as well. The second section (25% or so) will feature female tattooists, with the same format for a photo & personal statement. Let me know if you are interested. My direct e-mail is


Dec 4 - 11: East San Francisco area Dec 15 - late Feb: home on O'ahu
The following dates may vary, but only slightly, pending the final number of committed clients in each city.
Feb 27 - Mar 9: Los Angeles
Mar 12 - 21: Oceanside
Mar 30 - Apr 10: East San Francisco area
Apr 20 - 25: tattooing in Seattle (tentative, pending enough clients)
Apr 28 - May 18: home on O'ahu
May 27 - TATTOO LECTURE at Santa Monica City College
May 28 - Hawaiian Surf Club LU'AU in San Clemente
May 28 - June 13: Los Angeles
June 17 - 26: Oceanside
June 30 - July 10: home on O'ahu
Mid-July: HEIVA - Tahiti (tentative)
Aug - Sept: all 3 California cities

If you are interested in an appointment, please call me at 510 802-2155. The Dec. SF trip is short, so I may not have openings, but I can certainly meet with you for a consultation & discuss a design for my next trip. E-mail is NOT my best means of communication when I am traveling. During my time at home, I can be reached at, otherwise, please call.


Tricia Allen

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