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Tattoo News - September 2009

Please do not respond to this newsletter via e-mail, as this is auto generated. Any e-mail sent to this address will go to a dead letter box at Alohaworld. My contacts are given below—read on!

A very good news source on the Pacific is Pacific Islands Report at

A good overview of tattooing in French Polynesia focusing primarily on the revival is at

Please excuse the fact that I have so few tattoo links this time; when I’m on the road finding good links and websites is particularly difficult. If any of you have found good links on Pacific tattoo or art that you’d like to share, please send them! My e-mail is

On my drive from SF to LA, I stopped to visit with friends with the Easter Island Foundation. As usual, I had a wonderful visit, and got a look through their various publications, including those on the SALE shelf. There are a few books that might be of great interest to the Polynesian tattoo community. The website for books is Scroll to the bottom for rare, one of a kind, and sale (slightly damaged) books. My recommendations: Caroline Klarr’s book on Hula & Body Ornamentation for anyone interested in early reports on hula. Spirit of Place: Petroglyphs of Hawai’i is one of the best books on Hawaiian rock art. For those of you solely interested in tattoo, the proceedings of their Albuquerque and Hawaii conferences have papers on Polynesian tattoo history.

The island of Rapa Nui is now in a state of turmoil. The number of visitors touring the island with no controls or limits to major World Heritage sites is taking a toll. A very good article on the current situation is online at
Personal communications with islanders indicate that the tourists are only a small part of the problem. There has been a huge influx of immigrants from the Chilean mainland--many undesirables who do not contribute to the community and drain limited resources. During my last visit in 2000, I observed that hundreds of Chileans had arrived with cars and were primarily offering taxi services. Instead of walking the half—mile to the store or church, islanders were calling taxis; a unhealthy & expensive pattern had developed. Anyway, the large influx of residents from mainland Chile has become a concern for many and was major motivating factor in the protests at the airport.


Los Angeles: now – Sept. 21st
Oceanside: Sept. 24th - Oct 2nd
Home on Oahu Oct. 8th - early November
November: Auckland, NZ
December: back on the mainland tattooing again. Sign up EARLY!

I still have openings now in LA. If you are interested in an appointment, ideally stop by Island Legends on Artesia Blvd & Van Ness in Torrence/Gardena SOON! We can talk about your design, you can see a LOT of design options, and perhaps get you scheduled. Or call me ASAP either at the store: 310-352-6333; or my voice mail number: 510-802-2155. You can also e-mail me at, although I far prefer the phone for initial contacts as there are a lot of details to discuss & I talk far faster than I type & I do NOT often have time to check e-mail while here in CA.


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