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Tattoo News - October/November 2009

This has been a busy week in Honolulu on the tattoo front. The documentary on Ed Hardy, Tattoo The World, premiered with the Hawai'i International Film Festival and is being shown again this Saturday (see My newest apprentice Jordan Souza (see put his first tattoo on himself, and I had the pleasure of tattooing several others, including two first-timers. Andy of Taupou Tatau (you can find him on Facebook and on MySpace) from Aotearoa was also here as a guest artist this past week at Pacific Soul Tattoo( It was fun meeting Andy! I am quite busy making travel arrangements, and am excited about my fast-approaching New Zealand trip. I'm also excited about getting tattooed in Wellington by Roger Ingerton see but quite overwhelmed with just a week here before my NZ departure.

A reminder there are 3 upcoming tattoo festivals/conventions happening in the Islands-all in the month of November.

Tattoonesia- A Tahiti Tattoo Festival will be held, but the dates have changed-see for details. I just got an update from the organizers, and it sounds like they have great plans!

The Auckland Convention will be held in November 14th and 15th with the theme of Kotahitanga or unity. Details are posted at

The 3rd Samoan Tattoo Convention is still on schedule for November 16th - 24th, despite the tsunami. It is being coordinated by Tomasi Suluape. See for details.

There's a good interview with Zulu of Zulu Tattoo in the online magazine Needles and Sins. Check out He said such nice things about me! I feel so honored.thanks Zulu!


Now - Oct 31: home on O'ahu
Nov 1 - 21: New Zealand
Nov 22 - Dec 1: home on O'ahu
Dec 4 - 11: East San Francisco area -CONFIRMED

The following dates may vary, but only slightly, pending the final number of committed clients in each city.

Dec 15 - late Feb: home on O'ahu
Feb 27 - Mar 9: Los Angeles
Mar 12 - 21: Oceanside
Mar 30 - Apr 10: East San Francisco area
Apr 20 - 25: tattooing in Seattle (tentative, pending enough clients)
Apr 28 - May 18: home on O'ahu
May 27 - TATTOO LECTURE at Santa Monica City College
May 28 - Hawaiian Surf Club LU'AU in San Clemente
May 28 - June 13: Los Angeles
June 17 - 26: Oceanside
June 30 - July 10: home on O'ahu
Mid-July: HEIVA - Tahiti
Aug - Sept: all 3 California cities

If you are interested in an appointment, please call me at 808-734-8677, or e-mail when I am HOME (see above dates). E-mail is NOT my best means of communication when I am traveling. Once you are signed up, I will correspond with you on finding an appropriate design. Sign up early, as the schedule tends to fill quickly.

If you are signed up for the Dec SF trip (or would like to be) please contact me, either immediately, or between Nov 22 - 30th, but here's the scoop: There are not enough clients committed now to justify my staying through 2 weeks (making 2 weekends available) and the dates/airfares are such that I cannot get a SLIGHTLY later return flight (it runs into holiday traffic and hundreds of dollars more), so my WORKING dates there will be Friday Dec 4 - Friday 11th (minus either the 7th or 8th which is my father's birthday). Thus, there is only 1 weekend & 6 working days, yet many of you have requested weekend appointments so preference will go according to your date of deposits. This is always the case, but most trips I am there long enough to accommodate most everybody's 2nd (if not first) choices, so rarely is it push-come-to-shove. So in short, if you can take a weekday appointment, please do so-- if you are a more recent sign-up, it might be the only option. I will be in touch with you after my NZ trip (return date Nov 21) to do actual scheduling. New clients will be taken on a space-available basis, and I can do consultations at any time.

Tricia Allen

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