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Tattoo News - June/July 2010

It is harder and harder to find good new websites on Polynesian tattoo. In the search, however, I often find some interesting sites. A very unusual site on Hawaiian tattoo is at  It is very strangely worded and offers some unusual perspectives. Another odd site is which proposes to offer the "truth" about Polynesian tattoo.

While looking for tattoo videos I ran across a fun commercial for Air New Zealand --

The LA County Museum has a very impressive new exhibition of Pacific Art. See
Much of the exhibit is online & well worth a look.

While driving up the CA coast to the SF area, I often
stop & see friends with the Easter Island Foundation. The Foundation has recently updated their website with some great info & photos from the island. See 

I am curious to see if there is sufficient interest in the San Luis Obispo area to warrant a tattoo stay here during a future trip. If you are on the central coast and might have an interest in new ink, please let me know - e-mail me at 

As you might know, I've been tattooing the last few weeks in Oceanside and LA. This trip I had my most recent apprentice along, Jordan ( He was a pleasure to work with and hopefully there will be sufficient interest for him return to CA in the future. Due to the current economy, things in Southern CA were a bit slower than expected so I'll be arriving in the East SF Bay Area somewhat earlier than planned. I do still have openings in my schedule in N CA, so give a call or e-mail if you are interested. My revised dates are as follows:

June 22nd - July 9th East SF Bay Area
July 15th - Sept 6th Home on O'ahu
Sept/Oct LA, Oceanside and San Francisco - exact dates TBA

I can be reached while in CA at 510-802-2155, or If you are e-mailing regarding a possible appointment, please send me your phone number, as I often prefer the phone since I can talk far faster than I type. We can schedule just a consultation, or if you have a good idea as to what you want, a tattoo appointment.

Tricia Allen
in CA: (510) 802-2155
in HI: (808) 734-8677

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