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Tattoo News - November 2008


If you didn't know of Ed Hardy from his exceptional tattoo work, you probably know the clothing line. His real forte, however, is tattoo and tattoo related art. A good article on Hardy is at Recently I was surprised to find an Ed Hardy energy drink bearing his signature in the little liquor store next door to the LA shop! There are now HUGE billboards along the I-405 in LA advertising the clothing line. Let's hope Hardy is being well compensated for this. It could be a great way to retire!

SF Gate also often has articles on Hawai'i. as well as Hawaiian events in the SF area online at

An interesting site on contemporary Hawaiian issues and events is at

A great website full of interesting info on Hawai'i is Take a look, especially if you are planning a Hawai'i trip!

Some beautiful Maori arts are available online at Spend some time with the various links. There are some very nice, affordable things!


Now - Oct 31st home on O'ahu
Nov 1 - 15th Tahiti
Nov 15 - 26th home on O'ahu
Nov 28th - Dec 10th Redondo Beach (LA area)
Dec 12h - on home on O'ahu through early next year

I was scheduled to be in San Francisco this next CA trip,
however there are not enough folks signed up or committed to appointments to justify a SF trip right now, whereas there are PLENTY in LA. Hence the change. If you are interested in an appointment, please call me at 808-734-8677, or e-mail when I am HOME (see above dates). E-mail is NOT my best means of communication when I am traveling. Details on signing up are on the web at


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