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Tattoo News - September 2010


The Smithsonian has an excellent article online on tattoo history covering a wide range of cultures and topics, including the new "temporary" tattoo ink, See and browse around.

Ireland's first Traditional Tattoo Art & World Culture Festival took place recently in Cobh, Ireland.  Colin Dale wrote that it was a great coming together of talented artists in a great, friendly environment. Author Marisia Kakoulas wrote about it in her blog Needles and Sins, and included some great photos:    You might also want to check out Colin's work at  Colin hand pokes most of his tattoos with any and all traditional methods, ranging from obsidian to the ancient sewing technique. His work is amazing!

The traditional tattoos of the Polynesian outliers, Mungava and Mungiki (more commonly known as Rennell and Bellona) are online at   I'd built this website for a friend, but I simply can't continue to pay the fees for hosting it. Take a look now while the website is still up. The domain name will belong to one of the group participants, but whether they maintain the site is unknown.


Recently I was on the Big Island to give a presentation at UH Hilo.  While there, I was fortunate enough to meet one of my favorite authors--Carol Severance.  She's written several really fun fantasy/sci-fi books set in fictional Polynesian cultures.  Although her books are out-of-print, you can sometimes find them on or .  Two of her titles are also available on, just search under AUTHORS for Severance, Carol.  Also Shark Dialogues by Kiana Davenport is an EXCELLENT read and still in print.  For a good laugh, Tales of the Tikongs, is a wonderful, fun book set on an imaginary island based on central Polynesian cultural models. Anyone who has spent time in Samoa or Tonga will appreciate it.  Both these titles are available on

On the topic of books, Lars Krutak has a new book coming out on Filipino Tattoo. It is scheduled for release in October. See Tattoo: Bodies, Art, And Exchange In The Pacific And The West edited by Nicholas Thomas is available quite affordably on There are several used copies for under $15.  See

Of course my books are always available on my website: 

If you are OUTSIDE the US & interested in ordering, please e-mail me for shipping costs. A PayPal link isn't possible on International orders because the shipping varies from country to country, but I can look up shipping and send you a PayPal invoice. I am also working on 3 new books simultaneously (yes, we know I'm insane) so if you would like to see your work in print, send me photos!  It must be a good clear color photo, and all parties (photographer & subject) must have given their permission to publish the photo, or must be able to be contacted via phone and/or e-mail. My e-mail is

The following dates for the Calif. trip are confirmed:

Until Sept 26th:  home in Hawai'i
Sept 30- Oct 10th:  east SF area
Oct 16th - Oct 31st:  Los Angeles
Nov 4th - 16th:  home on O'ahu
Nov 20th - Dec 15th:  New Zealand
Dec 18th - mid-Feb:  in Hawai'i
mid-Jan - early Feb:  Maui and Big Island, if interest warrants the trip.

As always, the sooner you sign up, the better, as it allows us more time to communicate & work on your art, and gives you higher priority in scheduling.  Details are on my website at

If you are already signed up, give me a call & let's get you on the calendar.  To my Oceanside clients-- sorry I can't make it down your way this trip, as I just won't have time.  You are welcome to come up to LA, and I will give you priority in scheduling because of the drive.

During my spring trip next year, I may be stopping in San Luis Obispo IF there are enough serious clients to justify my stay.  Let me know if you are in the area & serious about some ink.

For any of the above cities/dates, please call me to discuss art & scheduling- 808 236-7301 or 808 734-8677.  If you are a new client, the FAQ link on my website has quite a bit of info on the process-it may help to read it over:  You can also e-mail me at , but I prefer the phone, as I talk far faster than I type.


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