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Tattoo News - October 2010

The New Zealand Tattoo & Art Festival will be in New Plymouth Nov 27th & 28th. See for details. It should be a great event!

I you have an interest in Tongan tattoo, there's several excellent websites-- see Because of the increased interest in the site, creator Ni Powell also created a Blogspot, which has some great information, and has also touched on some interesting debates-one of which is authenticity and antiquity of Tongan tattooing. Tongan tattooing (and all other Polynesian tattooing for that matter) has a LONG history that predates the settlement of the islands. The people that eventually migrated eastward settling most of the Pacific islands brought the practice with them. Tattoo tools are found in the earliest archaeological sites, so it is an age-old tradition-- older than Polynesian culture itself! Recent debates and a few sites have had arguments as to where it originated-in Samoa or Tonga, and the answer is NEITHER! It is an earlier practice that arrived with the first colonizers. Anyway, both Ni's site and blog have some fascinating discussions, and great historical information; and yes, three IS historical documentation of tattooing being done on Tonga! The blog is at

TV New Zealand once did a 5-part series titles-- Tatau: A Journey, which are all posted on YouTube and well worth watching. This series is especially interesting as it deals with some controversial topics on the differences between tattoo in ancient times and today. The late Samoan master, Sua Suluape Paulo, is featured, which is a treat to see! Part 1 is at and the other episodes should appear as links in the right hand column.


The following dates for the Calif. trip are confirmed and HAVE CHANGED since my last newsletter:
Oct 20th - Oct 31st: Los Angeles-Alyssa's in Redondo
Nov 4th - 16th: home on O'ahu
Nov 20th - Dec 15th: New Zealand (tentative)
Dec 18th - mid-Feb: in Hawai'i mid-Jan - early Feb: Maui and Big Island, if interest warrants the trip.
Feb 27th - April 15th: SF area, LA, and Oceanside-- exact breakdown of dates TBA & perhaps San Luis Obispo (if interest is there).

This trip I do still have several openings in the LA area-call me QUICK! I am also available to do consultations while in LA for future appointments. Phone (808) 734-8677 or (510) 802-2155, or you can e-mail but please include your phone number (I talk FAR faster than I type & do not always have internet access on the road) and a BRIEF summary of your availability & the tattoo you have in mind.

The deadline for the Spring trip is Jan 10th but as always, the sooner you sign up, the better, as it allows us more time to communicate & work on your art and gives you higher priority in scheduling. Details are on my website at During my spring trip next year, I may be stopping in San Luis Obispo IF there are enough serious clients to justify my stay. Let me know if you are in the area & serious about some ink.

If you are a new client, the FAQ link on my website has quite a bit of info on the process-it may help to read it over: You can also e-mail me at , but I prefer the phone, as I talk far faster than I type.


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