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Tattoo News - August 2009


In each of my upcoming newsletters, I'm including a few links from the excellent tattooists whose work will be featured in my upcoming book. You can see the work of Tomasi Suluape at and Riccy Boy Lamositele Novera's site is

Tony Smiley provides us with an excellent link to a website on Hawaiian kapa (barkcloth). This site examines the materials, process, decoration, motifs and is really worth browsing.

Since we're on the subject of tapa, the designs are often very similar to those found in tattoo, which is why tapa is of particular interest. Try a google IMAGE search under tapa cloth and you'll see some impressive examples. The University of Oregon has a good collection and a nice web display at This site is also worth a look:

There are a few good sites on Samoan siapo (barkcloth or tapa). A NZ based site is at Another great site created by a San Diego based siapo-making family is

Surprisingly, an excellent discussion on tapa is on eBay at You can also usually find tapa cloth for sale on eBay-usually Tongan or Fijian, which are the most commonly seen today.

Perhaps the best online source on Hawaiian music is It has a wealth of information, such as concert announcements (mainland and Hawai'i), halau hula listings (worldwide. if you are looking to learn hula or hire entertainment), and a huge collection of music CDs, DVDs, plus links & news of the Hawaiian music scene. Take a look!

On the island of Tutuila in American Samoa Tisa's Barefoot Bar has an annual tattoo festival. There is a nice article on the 2009 event online at Although traditionalists might question if traditional tatau is something to be presented in a bar atmosphere, the event always draws a good crowd and is a lot of fun.


Remember, there are 3 upcoming Polynesian tattoo festivals, all during the month of November:

Tattoonesia on Tahiti -
The convention in Aotearoa -
and The 3rd Samoan Convention:

One of the better mainland tattoo conventions held annually is the National Tattoo Convention. Although I rarely go to conventions, I will be attending this one in Seattle in early April, and giving a presentation on Polynesian Tattoo. See


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