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Tattoo News - May 2009


Paul Krupela sent the following websites on Micronesian tattoo: See for some illustrations & info on tattoos of Pohnpei. There's a collection of early images at but not all entirely accurate. The early ethnographers were not always gifted artists, nor were all concerned with accurately representing tattoo-- some illustrations and artists were definitely better and more reliable than others.

Dirk Spennemann has done extensive research on Marshallese tattooing. His book is currently being reprinted by Bess Press. A nice overview is online at

A fair number of photos of contemporary Polynesian-influenced tattoos is at A fun website on traditional tattoo is at:


Are you in LA? Anywhere near Cedars-Sinai? A dear friend's daughter, Jennifer, will be moving there to do her internship/residency and is looking for an affordable rental or room in a house nearby. If you know of anything available starting in June close to CS, please e-mail Jim .

Maori Tattooist Tane Lagah will be in LA and is available for appointments. Tane will be doing consultations the weekend of June 13th & 14th (feel free to stop by!), and will start tattooing Tues the 16th through Wed the 24th. I am there tattooing June 13 - 24 & have some limited availability.

The location:

Island Legends
Phone: 310 352-6333
2120 Artesia Blvd in Gardena/Torrence Across from Pizza Hut, just east of the 405 about a mile & a half, on the south-east corner of a small L-shaped strip mall, in the back corner.
Feel free to stop by the store anytime June 13 - 24th


These dates may vary, but only very slightly, pending how many people are committed in each city.

May 9 - 20th: San Francisco area
May 29 - June 9th: Oceanside
June 12 - 24th: Los Angeles (New location in Gardena)
June 28 - mid-August: home on O'ahu

If you are interested in an appointment, please call me at (510) 802-2155 and leave a message, or e-mail (but I only have internet access on rare occasion in S CA, so the phone is better). I have some openings in LA & Oceanside, but SF is fairly full. I can always do consultations for my next trip in August/September, and there is always a good chance of getting in on a cancellation, if we know what we are going to do (hence the benefit of a consultation). Details can be found at



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