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Tattoo News - July 2009

I often regret in doing these newsletters that I cannot find more good sites specifically on Polynesian tattoo. Actually, there is a lot of information on Facebook, and a huge number of Polynesian tattooists there. You'll find a Polynesian Tattoo Appreciation Group, with some great discussions & bulletin boards, and well over 30 Island tattooists with pages. If you are not on Facebook, it is a GREAT resource and well worth joining. You can find me if you search for "Tricia Allen, tattoo" then see my FRIENDS, and GROUPS. Check it out! And I guarantee I'll have some more Polynesian tattoo sites included in the next newsletter.

As I stated in my last newsletter, I'll include a few links from the excellent tattooists whose work will be featured in my upcoming book. Samual Morgan Shaw's work is at Steve Ma Ching of Auckland is online at and Rodney (Ni) Powell has a great website (historical as well as contemporary) at

There are 3 upcoming tattoo festivals/conventions happening in the Islands-all in the month of November.

Tattoonesia- A Tahiti Tattoo Festival will be held November 11th-15th Hosted by the Tattoo Association of Tahiti & DB Tahiti. This is the annual tattoo festival, happening in the Society Islands on the main Island of Tahiti in Papeete. It features participating tattooists from the Society Islands, the Marquesas, Aotearoa (New Zealand, Rapanui (Easter Island) and selected artists from elsewhere.

Another festival will be held in Auckland November 14th and 15th with the theme of Kotahitanga or unity. "It's been 5 years since our last convention in Auckland, and 10 years since the death of our dear friend and colleague, Sua Suluape PauloŠwe will be honoring the legacy Paulo left with us." Details will be posted at

The 3rd Samoan Tattoo also in honor of the 10 year anniversary of the passing of Sua Suluape Paulo is being coordinated by Tomasi Suluape November 16th - 24th in Samoa. See for details.


Suluape Steve Looney of Pacific Soul tattoo is in need of help. He needs an organ transplant & will be out of work for awhile, as will his wife Danielle, as she'll be his primary care-giver. Steve is technically outstanding--- his work is impeccable, and he's a great guy. Fundraisers are happening here locally, but if you can make even a small donation, it would be TREMENDOUSLY appreciated! Danielle has set up a PayPal account for donations (the PayPal address is ) or check their new blogspot for instructions on how to donate if you can help. You can see Steve's work at (or on my arm), and their new blogspot for updates is at (still under development).


Home on Oahu until August 18th
San Francisco area: August 22nd - 30th
Los Angeles: Sept. 5th - 16th
Oceanside: Sept. 19th - Oct 3rd
Home on Oahu Oct. 7th - early November

I'm currently taking deposits for appointments in all areas. If you are serious, please call me at home on O'ahu at 808 734-8677; or e-mail, although I far prefer the phone for initial contacts as there are a lot of details to discuss and I talk far faster than I type.


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