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Tattoo News - January 2010

First of all, I want to wish all my readers a happy, healthy & prosperous new decade!

While in Aotearoa I had the pleasure of meeting Julia Mage'au Gray, the director of Sunameke, a dance troupe that blends contemporary and traditional Pacific themes in their performances. You can see their group at Check out their links as well. Dirk Spennemann has a nice photo essay on Sunameke worth checking out at Spennemann is also the author of Marshallese Tattooing, an excellent book which was long out-of-print but has been reprinted by Bess Press. A preview of the book is online at and at or it can be purchased online at Spennemann also is cited on a site with examples of tattoos from Ulithi, see
Gregory Panayotou has posted a great collection of images of Rapa Nui viewable in 360 degrees. You can get a good look at the island, including most of the major archaeological sites here. For those of you that have always wanted to visit, here's your chance for a virtual tour. See

The Anthropology Museum at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Washington has an exhibition of Mark Adams photographs of Samoan Tatau through July 2010. A brief, but good article and several samples of Mark's images are at

The Museum of Anthropology at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC has an upcoming exhibit on tattoo which will include a number of images from Polynesia and various other cultural traditions. It is not yet listed on their website, but is opening later this month. Watch for details at

The Peabody Essex Museum had an exhibit titled Body Politics, Maori Tattoo Today. The exhibition featured the photos of Hans Neleman, whose coffee table book was somewhat controversial at the time of it's release years ago. Several of the photos are online at

This is non-Pacific in focus, but Independence Seaport Museum in Penn's Landing, PA has a fun exhibition called Skin & Bones: Tattoos in the Life of the American Sailor. See


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Aloha, Tricia

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