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Tattoo News - February 2010


My website has just gone through a major restructuring. The new URL is but it will redirect from my old URL as well. Check it out and please add the new bookmark!

One of my motivations for updating the website at this time is to offer advance sales on the new book, The Polynesian Tattoo Today. The release date for the book isn't until April, but I will be processing advance orders, printing mailing labels and getting ready to go come April! Order early and get a signed copy as soon as they are released! Advance orders will be accepted starting March 10th.

There's a good article on tattoos of Borneo online at the National Geographic website:

The New Zealand magazine Spasifik online often has interesting articles worth an occasional browse. See

Tautai, The New Zealand organization for contemporary arts in Aotearoa has a website with bios and images from a number of fantastic artists. My Hawai'i apprentice, Jordan Souza (see was selected as their Artist In Residence this year and will be heading to Auckland shortly. Check out the other Tautai artists at Jordan will be travelling with me to So. CA on my next trip in late May - mid-June. He is doing great work including gray-work & representational imagery, which I do not do, so keep him in mind for new ink in May/June.

I still have openings in all cities!

Until Feb 20th at home on O'ahu
Feb 25 - Mar 7 Oceanside - Momilani's Island Traditions
Mar 12 - 21 Los Angeles - Island Legends in Gardena/Torrance
Mar 27 - Apr 4 East San Francisco area - private studio in Pleasanton
Apr 9 - 12 Tattooing in Seattle
Apr 22 - May 18 Home on O'ahu

If you are interested in an appointment, please call me at (808) 734-8677 or e-mail me at SOON! I depart for CA Feb 20th & have far less access to the internet and my design archives there than here, so It's to your advantage to talk with me before my departure. I far prefer the phone for initial contact as I talk far faster than I type. If you are calling AFTER Feb 20th, my CA number is 510 802-2155. Also, please feel free to stop by any of my CA locations to say hi, see an advance copy of the new book, and discuss your possible future tattoos!


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