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Tattoo News - May/June 2017

If you enjoy Pacific tattoo articles, there's a good one online at  I think you'll enjoy it!

A general overview of the history of tattooing in the United States is online at  Another brief historical overview is at 

While looking for good online material, I ran across this TED video on the history of tattoo. It's actually quite accurate and very good, despite the odd animation. It does get complicated (and often quite expensive) to get legal permissions to use photos & images, so perhaps why the drawings.

If you are interested in traditional scarification, take a look at 

Hawaii Magazine ran a nice piece on the Puna district of Hawai'i Island.  Check out

    June 1 - 11th:  Long Beach, Pacific Island Ethnic Art Museum
    June 17 - July 2nd:   SF Bay Area (either Vallejo or the E. Bay Area) 
    Mid-July: Seattle & Portland, OR
    August 10 - 15th:  Dallas, TX

To my regular CA clients: Give a call if you want to get scheduled.  I just purchased tickets & confirmed dates, so there's plenty of options. 808-734-8677

To new clients: please check out the schedule link on my website and the FAQ. There's a good bit of info there on signing up & the designing/planning process.  And then contact me.  I talk far faster than I type so the phone is good!  Please call ASAP!


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