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Tattoo News - September/October 2016

Atlas Obscura has a nice article on the tattoos of the Apatani people of Northeast India. See

If you happen to live in (or visiting Chicago in upcoming months) you are in for a treat! The exhibition that recently premiered at the Quai Branly Museum in Paris will be coming your way! It will be at the Field Museum Oct 21st - April 30th of next year so you'll have plenty of time to see it.

The Smithsonian ran an article on the history of tattooing some years ago that is fortunately still online at

Na Koa Leather is a wonderful product line developed by Andrea Butter who has contracted a number of tattooists to create custom art that she transfers to leather goods. Real Artists, Real Leather. Use this link to receive 10% off:

There's a good article on the women's tattoos of the Oro Province of Papua New Guinea at If you are interested in a more scholarly paper on their tattoos, check out but you will need access to JSTOR (many libraries provide this, and most universities).

Here's a brief article on cultural appropriation definitely worth reading. I once asked a Marquesan tattooist how he felt about others appropriating their designs and he responded, "well, I wear jeans from America and my iPod was probably made in China, and my sneakers in Japan, and my car in France". Although certainly not everyone shares this view. Read up a bit on appropriation as it's a near-constant occurrence in tattooing these days:

The Center for Tattoo History & Culture is a new organization started by Anna Friedman that I'm sure you'll want to be aware of. If you are on Facebook, check out as the launch is Sept 1st.

Do you live in the central CA coast region? I'll be sharing a booth with the Easter Island Foundation folks at the Come by & say hi! I will be showing the new jewelry line (perhaps even some of the Na Koa line) there. It's a fun, friendly event with good coffee, music, hula & crafts.


Until Sept 13th : Home on O'ahu
Sept 16 - 25th: East SF Bay Area, CA
Oct 2nd: Read Dirt Coffee Aloha Festival, Shell Beach (near SLO)
Oct 5 - 9th: Long Beach, CA
Oct 11 - 16th: Redondo Beach, CA
Oct 22nd - mid-May: Home on O'ahu

To my regular CA clients: Give a call if you want to get scheduled. I just purchased tickets & confirmed dates, so there's plenty of options. 808-734-8677

To new clients: please check out the schedule link on my website and the FAQ. There's a good bit of info there on signing up & the designing/planning process. And then contact me. I talk far faster than I type so the phone is good!


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