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Tattoo News - May 2016

I apologize for being out of touch for so long.  It's been nearly 6 months. I've been kept busy with teaching at Windward Community College, which I tremendously enjoy.  I'll be back in CA soon, though! Please see the trip dates below.

If you are interested in the traditional women's tattoos of Papua New Guinea, check out  Thanks to Julia Mage'au Gray and a handful of women, the tattoo lives once again!

There's another article on PNG women's tattoos, but the first paragraph is pretty silly. Of course they have to sensationalize it and create a catchy lead-in for the general masses.  See

A selection of masks from Papua New Guinea can be seen at if you are interested in other "tribal" arts.

Traditional women's tattoos of another culture is revived as well.  Inuit skin stitching is being practiced once again by some remarkable women, Greenlandic tattoo artist Maya Sialuk Jacobsen and Inupiaq artist Holly Mitiquq Nordlum.  Learn about this revitalization at  and at!Stitching-Time-A-conversation-with-grantee-Holly-Mititquq-Nordlum/ijtym/57212a440cf26b6d6844bb55

A good source for Pacific news is the Pacific Islands Report. See

Why am I going to Guam when I am absolutely revolted by snakes and get heat stroke in extremely hot climates?  Well, there is only one thing that could ever make me brave the millions of snakes and the hundred-degree heat
- The Festival of Pacific Arts.  It's an AMAZING event that only occurs every 4 years in a different Pacific nation.  See  Yes, there are an estimated 2 million snakes there. Here's a creative way of dealing with the problem:  Maybe they'll schedule another mouse-drop before I arrive, but I truly want to foster a dog. Seriously. I am approved for a service dog and have the paperwork and patches in hand!  Does anyone have a dog I can borrow for 3 weeks?  It will be well-loved and cared for. And I'm an excellent trainer! 

I have openings in all areas, but will be limited in my phone usage while on Guam, since it is considered an international call.  During my Guam dates, email is the best way to reach me.  Otherwise, you can reach me at (808) 734-8677.

Until May 15th:   Home on O'ahu
May 16 - June 6th:   Guam (sorry, no phone access during this time)
June 7 - 22nd:    Home on O'ahu
June 24 - July 10th:   Los Angeles area
July 15 - 31st:   San Francisco area
August 5 - 24th:   Home on O'ahu

If you are serious about an appointment, please call me at (808) 734-8677 except during the dates I'm on Guam
- you can always reach me via email at  More details are available on my website:

To new clients: please check out the schedule link on my website and the FAQ. There's a good bit of info there on signing up & the designing/planning process.  And then contact me.  I talk far faster than I type so the phone is good (except from May 15-June 6th).


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