Tattoo Traditions of Polynesia
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These designs were created specifically for the individuals that wear them. Taking someone's tattoo design is a form of identity theft-- please be creative and find something that is as unique as you are!
Arm Bands

Arm bands are very popular, but they are not ideal on all body types. This is particularly true of any bands that have straight parallel lines. First of all there is the problem of getting it on straight. On some arm types, this is physically impossible, it will never look straight.

The other problem you might face later on is that an arm band will change and distort as your weight and muscle tone change. If you gain muscle mass or gain weight, you will no longer be wearing a straight band-- it will widen in some areas. If you lose weight, it will narrow in places.

Before deciding on an arm band, please look over the following images and you will get a good idea as to whether an arm band is right for you. You will also get some ideas on alternative designs and placements

Armband Tattoo Armband Tattoo
Armband Tattoo Armband Tattoo
Armband Tattoo Armband Tattoo
Armband Tattoo  Armband Tattoo 
Arm Band Placement  

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